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TikTok teens really don’t want to have to vote for Joe Biden

They’re asking nicely.


David Covucci

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While TikTok is not inherently full of teens and zoomers, its users certainly skew young. And they are doing whatever they can to shake the stereotype that the youth aren’t politically motivated heading into 2020, using one of social media’s fastest-growing apps to speak their minds in extremely catchy ways.

In the process, they are taking down various 2020 Dems along the way.

The TikTok teens previously set their sights on Mayor Pete Buttigieg, attacking him for bland centrism, lack of support among the Black community, and absurd dances.

Now, they have a message for the electorate at large: Please don’t make them vote for Joe Biden.

@cartoonrejectAPUSH gonna be wild when they study these vids SyrupTurnUp bestofthedecade CozyLittleChristmas comedyking #joebiden democrat 2020 election fyp♬ original sound – bigtiddiehorsegf

An extremely grating tune by @bigtiddiehorsegf matches how the young feel about the possibility of heading to the polls in November with Biden as the nominee.

Biden, at 77, is one of the older candidates seeking the nomination. But it’s not just an age thing. It’s that he’s running on a restoration of an era that most people don’t recall too fondly. That’s apparently truer if you are a teen/young adult who didn’t process the contrast between George Bush and Barack Obama that helped make the Obama era seem so placid and inimitable to many.

Which is to say they don’t get the charm of rolling it back. Alongside a great number of policy proposals that are essentially “do what we did then,” Biden is, in many users’ minds, offering them a return to a time that didn’t do anything for them.

Videos set to the tune have racked up nearly a half-million views spread across the site as others have endorsed the sentiment.

@bigtiddiehorsegf1Democrats♬ original sound – bigtiddiehorsegf

@joshua4congressduet with @bigtiddiehorsegf #joebiden bernie2020 bernie dsa socialism communism berniesanders warren2020 lefty fyp foryou fypシ♬ original sound – bigtiddiehorsegf

@bpmanatee@bigtiddiehorsegf this idea came to me in a cold sweat at 3 am please enjoy bestofthedecade comedyking fyp foryou foryoupage #joebiden politics♬ original sound – bigtiddiehorsegf

@the_memestressLETS PLEASE LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES🥵🥵🥵 #fyp #democrats #bernie2020 #yanggang♬ original sound – bigtiddiehorsegf

They’re insistent if nothing else.


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