Biden: We must move ‘beyond normal’

At tonight’s 2020 Democratic debate, Joe Biden was asked about one of the central themes of his campaign, that he would bring a sense of normalcy back to the country after President Donald Trump.

It’s been a point Biden has been hammering home since he announced, that President Donald Trump is an aberration and that he would bring back a steady hand to the levers of government. That a response to Trump doesn’t require a hard-shift left.

But perhaps sensing that answer wouldn’t resonate, Biden proposed a new plan.

We need to move “beyond normal.”

He also denied that he ever said “normal,” although that was a major theme of his campaign kick-off.

Biden was specifically asked about his stance that after Trump left office, congressional Republicans would come to their senses and work with him. But perhaps the last week—and the GOP’s show of slavish devotion to Trump during impeachment—may have changed that.

Although given everything that’s happened while he’s been running, Biden 2020: Beyond Normal, isn’t all that inaccurate.


David Covucci

David Covucci

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