man sitting at desk, looking over his shoulder, then walking out of room - with caption 'POV: you run a shift full of teens'

‘It’s like babysitting a bunch of kids’: Bojangles manager shares what it’s like having teenage workers on his shift

'I swear I break something every shift.'

On Feb 13, 2023 by Melody Heald

Meta on phone in hand in front of graph

Meta plans to restrict data of young people shown to advertisers

Starting in March, advertisers will only be able to see the age and location of teen users.

On Jan 10, 2023 by Jacob Seitz

hands holding gold crown on white background

‘Pray for the children who go to public schools’: Ohio high school’s genderfluid homecoming king sparks debate

'This does nothing but teach young kids how to be accepting of everyone, no matter what.'

On Oct 7, 2022 by Saba Rahimian

man speaking outside (l) medical pills on top of each other yellow white blue (c) man hand on collar bone looking left shocked expression speaking (r)

‘It’s not their kid to give a prescription to’: Father says son’s high school prescribed him anti-depressants without notifying him, sparking debate

'This will help a lot of kids whose families don’t believe in kids being depressed.'

On Jul 3, 2022 by Gisselle Hernandez

Club Penguin characters with bisexual-flag-colored scarf and t-shirt with bisexual symbol

From Club Penguin to Roblox, LGBTQ youth have always flocked to gaming websites

In 2005, I walked out into the middle of the town square and shouted 'I’M BISEXUAL.'

On Jun 16, 2022 by Tricia Crimmins

stressed young woman (l) photos of when woman was a teenager (m) (r)

‘I was gone for 2 years’: Woman recounts harrowing experience in the ‘troubled teen’ industry

'None of my friends knew where I was.'

On May 3, 2022 by Charlotte Colombo

woman talking with headphones (l) Costco building outside (r)

‘Listen little girl, you’re not allowed to use your mom’s Costco card’: Shopper says her ‘teenage’ features always gets her stopped

'You need your mom with you.'

On Apr 29, 2022 by Cecilia Lenzen

Man outside caption 'If I get one more high schooler to request my airbnb for their After Prom Party...' (l) Man outside capti0on 'I'm gonna lose my mind' 'It's funny because I've gotten like 10 requests' (c) Man outside caption ' I'll host ANY EVENT Except an after prom party' 'Maybe I'll just make it a bidding war' (r)

‘I’m gonna lose my mind’: Airbnb host slams high schoolers for prom after-parties in viral TikTok

'Y'all it's not worth the risk.'

On Apr 5, 2022 by Grace Stanley

man approaching someone at a thrift store (l) photo of a woman shopping (m) photo of clothes at a thrift store (r)

‘Girls have interactions like this EVERY DAY’: Viral TikTok shows man hitting on teen while she’s trying to thrift—even after she tells him her age

'That's a good age to be.'

On Jan 26, 2022 by Cecilia Lenzen

Gallons of milk spilled in a milk.

‘Who acts like this?’: Walmart worker says teens destroyed aisle after he asked them to stop filming

'And they are the ones calling retail workers Karen.'

On Nov 16, 2021 by Clara Wang

Homepage article image

‘I hope this works’: TikToker joins Satanic Temple to get a religious exemption for school’s piercing policy

The teen's stunt left viewers wondering how they could join too.

On Sep 4, 2021 by Brooke Sjoberg

14-year-old burger king worker at drive-thru window

‘God this is depressing’: Man celebrates 14-year-old son working ‘every day’ at Burger King

The proud dad said the kid even works 'when most kids are out enjoying their summer.'

On Jun 10, 2021 by Mikael Thalen

A woman at a memorial for a deceased teen

‘You can’t do this’: Karen filmed destroying floral tribute to dead teen

In the video, bystanders protest her actions.

On Jun 9, 2021 by Mikael Thalen

Homepage article image

Teen sends boy Snapchat saying ‘I will shoot you’—he shot him in the face 6 months later

The victim reported the incident but was not taken seriously.

On Jun 9, 2021 by Brooke Sjoberg

tiktok teens school protest bare midriff walkouts

‘We felt the dress code was sexist’: TikTok teens stage walkout, protest restrictive dress code

'We should not have to be kicked out of class for wearing a crop top.'

On Jun 7, 2021 by Phil West