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Megan Thee Stallion/YouTube

Move over, Hot Girl Summer—it’s time for ‘Thotumn’ now

Thotumn or Witch Bitch Autumn, which will you choose?


Siobhan Ball

Internet Culture

Thanks to rap powerhouse Megan Thee Stallion, we just had ourselves an iconic Hot Girl Summer. Now that it’s officially over, people are offering takes on what theme fall should have. Christian Girl Autumn looked like the frontrunner for a while, if only because there weren’t any challengers—but now the competition has really taken off.

Grand Theft Autumn, inspired by a 2003 Fall Out Boy song, is one strong contender.

People are actually renaming their accounts to get into the spirit of things.

Even with this much of a head start, though, there’s still some stiff competition. Some fans torn between Grand Theft Autumn and Thotumn for this fall.


Thotumn seems to be a fan favorite and, as both a pun and a sequel to hot girl Summer, it’s going to be hard to beat.

Some alternative suggestions, however, are just as magnificent and deserve our equal consideration.

To no one’s surprise, the goths and witches are out in full force.

Journalist Ash Sarkar’s suggestion is eminently relatable (but really, isn’t it Social Anxiety Season all year round?).

Sad Girl Autumn seems to be a thing, too. Hopefully it references more of a melancholy aesthetic than actual depression but, then again, the world is a bit of a trash fire right now—quite literally, considering the state of the Amazon.

Twitter user $hy Charle$ proposes a nonbinary takeover of the season and, frankly, it’s about time for some nonbinary shine.

Last but certainly not least comes some honorable mentions:


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