Film meme mocks ‘brilliant’ Daenerys shot in ‘Game of Thrones’ finale

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While the Game of Thrones‘ series finale left a lot of fans unsatisfied, there were more than a few visually striking scenes. One shot showed Daenerys Targaryen walking to greet her soldiers and followers at King’s Landing as Drogon appears behind her, giving Daenerys the appearance of wings for a few seconds.

Sure, it looked cool, but it was a bit on-the-nose for symbolizing Daenerys’ character arc. Several fans tweeted about the shot on Sunday night, but one man’s tweet is getting dragged for calling it “brilliant” and saying it “should be shown in any film study class.”

The line became a copypasta meme, with Film Twitter providing examples of other shots that should be shown in film school.

Twilight even had a similar shot, although with noticeably smaller wings behind our future Batman:

People shared screengrabs and GIFs of other TV shows and films ranging from Spider-Man to Miss Congeniality.



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Tiffany Kelly

Tiffany Kelly

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