Robin Arryn got hot—and the internet is seriously shook

Regardless of how you felt about the Game of Thrones finale last night, one point is being widely acknowledged across the internet—Robin Arryn had a MAJOR glow-up.

In case little Robin has gotten lost in the shuffle of your mind amidst the seven million characters of Westeros, he’s the little Lord of the Vale, orphaned by the murdersome meddling of Littlefinger, and cousin to the Stark siblings. He was the not-so-small child still being breastfed by his mother when Catelyn Stark showed up to visit her sister Lysa back in season 1.

Though we last saw Robin as recently as season 6, when Sansa was in the Vale masquerading as Littlefinger’s niece, it only took those few years for him to make a shocking transformation from weak little temper tantrum-throwing boy to teen with a gaze so broody The CW is trembling.

And despite all the moments that need unpacking from this final foray into the fight for the Iron Throne, fans on Twitter are more than happy to take the time to celebrate this glow-up.


In fact, Robin’s glow-up was so legit that some Game of Thrones fans didn’t even realize it was him.

Lino Facioli, who has played Robin since season 1, doesn’t seem to know what to do with all the positive attention his minimal finale screen time is bringing.

“Definitely didn’t expect my morning to start off like this,” he tweeted in response to all the tweets calling him hot.

Some fans even went so far as to suggest that Hot Robin wound up being the best candidate for the Iron Throne—but of course, that would have been way too random and completely out of nowhere.


Rachel Kiley

Rachel Kiley

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