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The internet can’t stop gushing over Thicc Mark Zuckerberg

It’s a whole new look.


Josh Katzowitz

Internet Culture

Mark Zuckerberg testified in front of Congress this week, and when the Facebook founder wasn’t dumping information off on his team or acting like a robot, he was looking extra thicc.

Or so these Photoshops would have you believe. The meme bounced around the internet on Friday night, as Zuckerberg joined the likes of Kanye West and Kylo Ren to be blessed with a new body type.

What is thicc? As the Daily Dot’s Jay Hathaway explained, it “describes someone with a pleasantly curvy body and a big butt.”

Though Zuckerberg, in real life, is slim (and apparently in need of a booster seat when he testifies in front of congressmen), these photos show otherwise.

Sure, some people might not enjoy that Cambridge Analytica took their data without permission, but hey, at least they can appreciate the rest of Zuckerberg’s assets.

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