mr krabs is one thicc bih

How ‘One thicc bih’ became one thicc meme

This meme is one thicc bih.


Jay Hathaway

Internet Culture

The sound of June 2017 is a little jam called “One Thicc Bih,” an inescapable meme that you won’t be able to stop singing once it gets inside you head. Which is messed up, because it’s all about how thicc and sexy Mr. Krabs from Spongebob Squarepants is. Oh no? Oh yes.

“One thicc bih” was created using an app called, which converts the text of your choice into singing. And two weeks ago, the text dolce-dandy on Tumblr chose was “Mr. Krabs is one thicc bih / let me see that krussy.”

Good lord. Quick breakdown of the message here, in case these words mean nothing to you: “thicc” describes someone with a pleasantly curvy body and a big butt, “bih” is just “bitch” without the negative connotations, and a “krussy” is…

Well, there’s a trend in gay slang—kind of played out, at this point—of referring to the anus as the “bussy,” or “boy pussy.” So Mr. Krabs’ butt is a … krussy, I guess.

But “One Thicc Bih” didn’t stop with Mr. Krabs. Not by a longshot. People want to see horror movie icon The Babadook’s “babussy”:

And this big tuna is one thicc bih too:

So are Wario, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Bubble Bass:

The original song is called “Good Day,” by Flash Garments and produced by J. Mac. It’s been deleted from J. Mac’s Soundcloud since being included in Ditty, but there’s still a version on YouTube:

The female lead vocals aren’t on the original track, they’re added in by So, J. Mac and whoever the singer is have a hit on their hands, but they might not even know it.

“One Thicc Bih” is legitimately going crazy on Twitter and Tumblr. It’s everywhere, and no one can stop singing it. It’s literally keeping people up at night.

“One thicc bih” has everything: a good joke, a format that’s easy to replicate using only an app, and a melody that just won’t die. I’m calling it right now: this is the meme, and the hit single, of the summer.

This song is one thicc meme, let me see that memussy. 

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