Photo via Liam Goodner/Shutterstock (Licensed) Remix by Jason Reed

‘Did he eat Kim?’

Ooh, Kanye lookin’ thicc.

User @StreetFashion01 tweeted a photo of Kanye West out and about in Los Angeles yesterday looking, shall we say, soft around the edges.

The peanut gallery (AKA Twitter) chimed in right away, of course. We’re not body shaming here. We just have some questions, like…

And that’s really Kanye, right?

One person put forth an interesting theory about what’s really going on here.

Another shared an image of West and Kim Kardashian looking thicc in an alternate reality as totally normal, not famous humans.

TBH, it could just be a trick of light—or silhouette. We all have that one outfit that makes us look bigger than we are.

The question is: Is thicc Kanye the new Kanye?

Kris Seavers

Kris Seavers

Kris Seavers is the Evening Editor for the Daily Dot, where she covers breaking news, politics, and LGBTQ issues. Her work has appeared in Central Texas publications, including Austin Monthly and San Antonio Magazine, and on NPR.