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‘The end is near:’ TikTok compilation video shows just how wild July’s been

'We're literally destroying the only planet we have.'


Phil West

Internet Culture

Published Jul 12, 2021   Updated Jul 12, 2021, 10:21 pm CDT

A TikTok video looking at a “highlight reel” of events over the past few weeks, and concluding that “the end is near,” is going wildly viral.

The @holidayvibestiktok TikTok account has managed to pack a whole bunch of doomscrolling into one single video, and it’s garnered nearly 14 million views since appearing on the platform on July 6.


I guess it’s been an eventful last few days #news #july

♬ original sound – Colm McGuinness

One respondent on the TikTok post chimed in, “The end is near guys,” to a video that included an explosion in a neighborhood, a collapsing building (which seemed to allude to the June 24 collapse of a condo building in the Miami metro area), fireworks gone amok, the Gulf of Mexico fire that some have said resembles a “portal to hell,” and a van driving through a flooded street.

It was made all the more ominous with the TikToker choosing Colm McGuinness’ eerie “God of War” as the soundtrack.

However, some commenters were more blasé about the video compilation of disasters, with one saying, “These things happen all the time.”

Another, getting a bit more specific and nonchalant, pointed out, “The building was in June in Miami, those are just fireworks, gas leak in Mexico caused the fire, it’s flooded ok not a big deal guys, world ain’t ending.”

Others begged to differ, though. One person reminded everyone that Hurricane Elsa’s also part of the list of bad things for July. Another joked, “Mother Nature really said let’s put 2020 into a month,” one of a series of comments that saw the video as evidence of that snakebit year repeating itself.

Others saw it as a more dire ecological warning about the state of the planet, with one commenter noting, “We’re literally destroying the only planet we have.”

But another person responded to the video unimpressed, saying, “I’m sorry, but you guys act like natural disasters don’t happen.”

Another just attributed it to the greater awareness we all have now thanks to an accelerated news cycle, noting, “The world is an eventful place, guys. Just more news coverage on stuff nowadays.”

As of press time, the planet was still here.

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*First Published: Jul 12, 2021, 5:35 pm CDT