This cat’s ‘Stranger Things’ Demogorgon transformation is awesome


This costume is purrrrrfect.

Still looking for a Halloween costume? Thinking about going as someone (or something) from Stranger Things? Give it up. You’ve already been outdone by a cat.

One adorable cat, presumably belonging to Twitter user @kri1226, is living its best life as a Demogorgon from the chilling retro-tinged Netflix original series Stranger Things. In a GIF posted to Twitter, we see the adorable cat clad in a mechanical Demogorgon headpiece that appears to open and close on its own, revealing the flower-like insides of its mouth, with sharp teeth lining the edges of each petal.

The creature, ubiquitous in the Upside Down, is similar to amphibious beings and begins life as pollywogs before transforming into “Frogogorgons” and then the catlike “Catogorgon.” Finally, it molts into the “Demodog” stage before assuming its final form, the Demogorgon. The cat is based on the monster’s final form, which is by far the scariest. The Demogorgon is one of the most familiar sights in Stranger Things, just like Eleven’s Eggos waffles and Dustin’s toothy smile.

There isn’t any information on how the headpiece works or if the cat doesn’t mind it, but the costume is pretty amazing. The reactions, many of which are in Japanese, are just as excited as you’d think.

Someone related the cat to a scene from the anime and manga series Parasyte, where a human infected by an alien creature opens their entire face to devour someone.

Another likened it to the catlike “Stray Cat” stand ability from Tama the cat in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, utilized by the character Yoshikage Kira.

Know what’s important, though? All that bluster, and it’s still an adorable cat in a creepy costume, and we want to give it all the cuddles.


Brittany Vincent

Brittany Vincent

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