People are loving Paris Hilton dressed as a ‘sexy Furby’


If there’s one thing we all know about Halloween in America, it’s that anything can be sexy given right the costume. If you’re aren’t happy being a sexy Pikachu or Fozzie Bear, you can even go as an erotically enticing Donald Trump.

So it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that Paris Hilton showed up at a party recently dressed as a sexy Furby. After all, they both peaked in the early 2000s and nobody could ever truly explain why either was so popular. (Long Furbies are currently all the rage.)

The tweet showing Hilton in the costume was originally posted by People news reporter and self-described “Slave to the Real Housewives” David Quinn, who was attending the Casamigos’ annual Halloween party. The party is put on by the tequila brand founded by George Clooney and Rande Gerber, and it draws big Hollywood names every year.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying the Furby/Hilton mashup on Twitter, either because they wanted to poke some fun at two cultural icons, or because they legitimately thought the outfit was hot.

Hilton’s Furby costume wasn’t the only one to turn heads at the party. Check out this tweet from Casamigos showing some other A-listers dressed to impress. Yes as a matter of fact that is Harry Styles dressed as Elton John.


David Britton

David Britton

David Britton is a writer and comedian based in Rhinebeck, New York who focuses on internet culture, memes, and viral news stories. He also writes for the Hard Times and is the creator of