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‘People need to mind their business’: People think woman snuck her dog on United Airlines flight, sparking debate

‘I’ve done it. Most of the time, they don’t even ask for paperwork.’


Braden Bjella

Internet Culture

A TikToker speculated in a viral video that a woman snuck her dog onto a United Airlines flight via a backpack and blanket.

In the video, posted by user @heyguysitsaa312, a woman with a large blanket is draped over a backpack. In the next clip, viewers can see that the backpack contains a dog.

“Did she just get her dog on the airplane for free?” the TikToker asks in the text overlaying the video.

“She walked through #clear with the blanket on, and then this happened. Don’t worry there were breathing windows on the side. Looks like the dog was fine,” the user added in the caption.

The TikTok currently has over 1 million views.

@heyguysitsaa312 She walked through #clear with the blanket on, and then this happened. Don’t worry there were breathing windows on the side. Looks like the dog was fine. #howto #sneakingdogsontheplane #coolinventions #fyp #viralvideo #viraltiktok ♬ original sound – Hey Guys

At first, TikTokers encouraged @heyguysitsaa312 to keep to themselves.

“People need to mind their business,” one user wrote.

“If she did sooo what,” another added. “haters she smart.”

However, others pointed out that @heyguysitsaa312’s alleged conspiracy doesn’t make much sense.

“You really think she didn’t have to go through airport security? Good thinking,” a commenter stated.

“Might have gotten past the gate agent but the flight attendants probably saw it,” a second user noted.

“There was no sneaking. She went through TSA. They’re well aware the dogs there,” a further user aimed to explain. “It’s approved or she wouldn’t be at the gate.”

The airline featured in the video, United Airlines, allows in-cabin pets for a fee of $125 each way, though service animals (not including therapy animals) are free.

According to some users, however, the fee is not often enforced.

“You can have a dog as a carry on.. and you don’t have to pay extra. I’ve traveled with mine before,” a commenter claimed.

“I’ve taken my dogs many times without paying,” another user wrote. “Its pretty easy.”

The blanket visible in the video may also have a different purpose than what @heyguysitsaa312 is alleging.

“My dog is reactive to strangers getting to close to me. I would cover him when I was in close proximity to others…” a commenter detailed.

“I’m sure she paid she just put the blanket to not stress the dog,” an additional user shared.

The Daily Dot reached out to @heyguysitsaa312 via TikTok comment and United Airlines via email.

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