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This man is pissed his Ruby Tuesday outing didn’t go as expected

Richard Southers was not happy about his $65 Ruby Tuesday bill.


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Posted on Jan 12, 2019   Updated on May 20, 2021, 9:40 pm CDT

How much is too much to spend on a date? For Richard Southers, $65 dollars and no sex is a bad deal.

Southers posted a series of rants about his date gone wrong in the Facebook group “Exclusive 50+/- Social Club DMV Edition.” The page describes itself as “a non-ratchet and friendly group that connects people of the DMV with others with an interest in the DMV.”

In the first post, he described his first date as a “’let’s meet for a couple of drinks’ date got turned into a $65.31 dinner.”

“She didn’t even leave the tip. News flash for you suga. You’re not 29 and hot anymore,” he added.

People responded to his post but were not impressed. One woman responded by saying, “Newsflash…..She went on a date with a lowlife, I’m just sorry it was a cheap first and last date.”

Others followed suit and asked Southers if he made it clear at the beginning the date would be split “dutch.” Many people just called him cheap.

“65 bucks? That must have been his cable bill money,” another Facebook user wrote in the comments. “If 65 burned you stop asking UNHOT OVER 29-YEAR-OLDS OUT FOR DINNER AND DRINKS. Stick with younglins and GROUPON.”

The pressure seems to have gotten to him and he decided to explain himself more. He also revealed the $61.51 receipt from a Fayetteville, North Carolina Ruby Tuesday.

“Guys, Yesterday I made a post about how a lady I met online screwed me (not literally) by hijacking a ‘let’s meet’ event to a dinner with no desert [sic],” he wrote.

“As you can see from the receipt, she ordered the highest item on the menu and STILL made a $2.49 substitution for some damn sweet potatoes fries,” he continued. “HER ACTIONS SHOW ABSOLUTELY NO CONCERN FOR MY WALLET.”

Of course, different people have different dating expectations, and while $65 might be par for the course in major cities, that might not be the case elsewhere. But the idea that paying for dinner entitles someone to sex is antiquated, as some users pointed out.

“I guess this post would have never bn made if you got some ass!! Man go sit in the dryer and I will turn it on,” user Teresa Nelson commented.

“Am I ranting again? Hell yes! Not because of the cost. But because of the low down, sneaky, sly, scheming, conniving, underhanded, unscrupulous, down right deceitful way she hijacked a $15-$25 first meet to a full dinner …. with no desert [sic],” Southers said.

Southers went on to explain he made the date for “Ruby Tuesday’s Salad bar. BUT as soon as her butt hit the chair the salad bar turned into she wanting Ribs and shrimp.”

Guys, Yesterday I made a post about how a lady I met online screwed me ( not literally ) by hijacking a "let's meet"…

Posted by Richard Southers on Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Then he had some advice for women about reciprocity.

“Just like when a man offers you a ‘back message [sic]’ when he offers to take you to dinner, he’s looking for sex,” Southers explained. “He doesn’t want to give you a back massage any more than he wants to watch you eat. Either that night or in the very near future; he wants sex..”

“When he wants to hang out, he does that with male buddies,” Southers added.

His rant was greeted with tons of appalled memes and a piece of advice from a fellow group member.

“Yeah you should rethink this whole dating thing Richard,” one member wrote.

The post has been shared over a thousand times.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Southers for comment but did not receive a response by press time. 

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*First Published: Jan 12, 2019, 3:45 pm CST