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Rich teens are spending thousands to be featured on this Instagram

All that money and these rich kids have no sense.


Alex Puente

Internet Culture

There are lots of ways to waste money. But in a particularly empty display of wealth, it appears that some rich teens are throwing thousands of dollars at an Instagram page for the sake of clout.

For a minimum of $1,000, the account @golden_pricetag will post your photo on its account for no reason than to remind everyone that you’re rich. The account is also linked to a website that shows how much people spent on each post. The website says the highest bidder so far paid a whopping $3,000 for a post that got 125 likes.

According to the website, wannabe influencers send their own photos to be featured and choose how much they want to pay (up to $999,999).

As of the time of writing, the website says five people—who all look young and are pictured with accessories of wealth like champagne and golf clubs—had paid to have their pictures posted on the account. One of them spent $2,500, and three people spent $1,000 each to have their photos featured. That means so far, @golden_pricetag has made $8,500 just from posting rich people’s photos.

The Instagram account is reminiscent of the I Am Rich app, which appeared in the App Store in 2018. Users paid $999 just to receive a message stating that they’re rich. Apple took the app down, but not before eight people purchased it.

@golden_pricetag seems to have a better chance of lasting, since paying for posts isn’t against Instagram’s terms of service (Instagram and @golden_pricetag didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s requests for comment). As of the time of writing, the account has 3,859 followers.

You know what they say: A dollar spent is a dollar earned, and if rich teens are willing to spend ludicrous amounts on an Instagram post, golden_pricetag has earned every cent.


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