woman in dress outside in NYC caption 'should we take the subway home' (l) woman walking outside speaking in NYC (c) woman in dress outside in NYC caption 'yeah we should save money' (r)

‘Wealth disparity in NYC is wild fr’: Woman calls out influencers for using Uber in New York while she can’t afford to take the train, sparking debate

‘Nyc rich is a different kind of rich.’

On Oct 2, 2022 by Grace Stanley

woman with hand on head speaking (l) Mikayla Nogueira speaking (c) woman speaking pointing to camera (r)

‘Just finished working, it’s 5:19. Try being an influencer for a day’: Beauty influencer Mikayla Nogueira called out for complaining about her job

'Mikayla..babes, I'd love to be an influencer for a day.'

On Sep 25, 2022 by Jack Alban

woman sitting in room at computer desk hands on laptop (l) woman sitting in room at computer desk speaking pointing to her bed (c) woman sitting at computer desk with drink in hands (r)

‘Let me show you what it really looks like’: Remote worker calls out ‘work-from-home’ influencers unrealistic content

'I roll right out of that bed and I sit my a** in this chair and I clickety-clack. 9-5.'

On Sep 23, 2022 by Lauren Castro

three young smiling women

TikTok is ushering in a wave of Latina influencers

Content creation wasn't always so diverse.

On Sep 15, 2022 by Jackie Ibarra

themeparmom aka Kel speaking holding cup with Mickey Mouse ears on head (l) Cast member greenscreen TikTok over image of @themeparkmom's TikTok account (c) woman speaking in car (r)

‘We need to keep these influencers accountable for their actions’: Popular Disney creator gets called out after reporting cast member to corporate

'The audacity is that she was telling everyone to treat cast members kindly.'

On Sep 14, 2022 by Rebekah Harding

Blogger taking picture of Philadelphia skyling on platter

Philadelphia influencer drama sparks debate over the relationship between creators and PR companies

'If there’s no compensation, there should not be a requirement to post.'

On Sep 8, 2022 by Grace Stanley

Homepage article image

‘This influencer on her eighth vacation this year’: Worker calls out influencer complaining about people not wanting to work

'She's making it sound like driving around to get food and buying stuff is hard work.'

On Sep 5, 2022 by Brooke Sjoberg

woman speaking with hand out in front of tan walls (l) woman speaking hand out in front of tan walls (c) woman speaking hand on chest in front of tan walls (r)

‘psa to the influencers i keep seeing brag about their jobs’: Influencer calls out fellow creators who complain about the difficulty of their jobs

'Your job is not hard.'

On Sep 4, 2022 by Jack Alban

FN Meka

‘This what they think of y’all’: A.I. rapper FN Meka accused of digital blackface

'They took the talent and put in a robot.'

On Aug 24, 2022 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw


‘Someone who is ashamed of their partner clearly don’t deserve them’: Man mocks wife’s dancing, refuses to dance with her at wedding, sparking debate

'One man’s annoyance is another man’s dream.'

On Aug 22, 2022 by Rebekah Harding

woman in purple buffbunny two piece standing outside speaking hands pointing right caption '#BuffbunnyBandit' (l) woman walking dog outside in purple buffbunny two piece set caption 'When you've had 2 Buffbunny packages stolen in the last week and you see someone walking around in your complex in an unreleased set' (c) woman standing outside in two piece purple buffbunny set speaking caption '#BuffbunnyBandit' (r)

Influencer sees woman walking around neighborhood in her ‘unreleased’ outfit after package gets stolen

'I just feel like this is a pr stunt.'

On Aug 16, 2022 by Tricia Crimmins

woman hand over mouth caption 'the audacity of brands' (l) woman hand on cheek speaking caption 'The audacity of brands' (c) woman speaking caption 'the audacity of brands' (r)

‘Asking for content for free should never be OK’: Micro-influencer says brand asked her to style a look from her own wardrobe, for free

'If a brand is reaching out to me just for free content...that's taking advantage.'

On Aug 8, 2022 by Jack Alban

Carnival rides in a parking lot with caption 'ACE Family Festival, It's hot af'

‘Why do people like getting scammed?’: Videos showing ‘ACE Family Festival’ go viral

'No way people actually went.'

On Jul 12, 2022 by Grace Stanley

man on ladder caption 'I am not taking anything from these raci$t amazon sellers' (l) Amazon Seller on phone screen in hand with website behind (c) light fixture caption 'I am not taking anything from these raci$t amazon sellers' (r)

‘I am not taking anything from these racist Amazon sellers’: TikToker says Amazon seller offered free products in exchange for a review—but only if it featured white kids

'Who in 2022 thinks that’s appropriate to ask??!'

On Jul 3, 2022 by Cecilia Lenzen

Selective focus of hands of shamed face girl behind the computer monitor.

VidCon: Creators share the impact of online harassment and their advice for growing past it

'I would like to encourage people to be creators, but I would also say this is a risk.'

On Jun 24, 2022 by Victoria Gagliardo-Silver