Royal family greets Trumps

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The internet stans Princess Anne after she refuses to shake Trump’s hand

The Queen gave her that mom look but Anne just shrugged and laughed.


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At a NATO reception in Buckingham Palace, Princess Anne, the Queen’s only daughter, was caught on camera refusing to come over and greet President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.

As the Queen gives her daughter a look common to all mothers, Anne just shrugs and starts laughing, apparently unafraid of the consequences for snubbing the president or, worse, crossing her mother.

Later on, the princess was also filmed with a cluster of NATO leaders, including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as they made fun of the president and his love of press conferences.

Princess Anne rapidly started trending on Twitter as people stan a, um, princess.


Fans are also desperate for this to turn up in The Crown.

The whole thing seems to have catapulted Anne to the top of everyone’s favorite royals.


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