Baphomet demon goat head illustration over King Charles portrait

‘Hidden in plain sight’: King Charles’ extremely red official portrait sparks Satanism conspiracies

To be fair, it’s VERY red.

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Prince William under fire in wake of Kate Middleton's cancer announcement

‘Why weren’t you at your wife’s side?’: Prince William under fire in wake of Kate Middleton’s cancer announcement

Middleton appeared alone in the video announcing her diagnosis.

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Donald Trump(l), Prince Harry(r)

‘Take appropriate action’: Trump revives feud with Prince Harry by hinting he could deport him if elected

Conservatives want to know whether Prince Harry lied about his past drug use on his visa application.

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Russian disinformation effort pushes false claim King Charles is dead

Russian disinformation effort pushes false claim that King Charles III is dead

The disinformation relied on a fake news release from Buckingham Palace.

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Kate Middleton's prolonged absence fuels Covid vaccine conspiracies

COVID-19 vaccine skeptics latch on to Kate Middleton’s disappearance

Middleton received the COVID-19 vaccine in 2021.

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Kate Middleton(l), vogue Covers(r)

New Kate Middleton conspiracy alleges Mother’s Day image came from Vogue photoshoot

Bellingcat’s founder debunked the theory.

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Kate Middleton Mother's Day Memes

Kate Middleton’s digitally altered Mother’s Day photo fuels non-stop memes

The photo was killed by multiple news agencies due to the edits.

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Emmanuel Macron in front of neutral background (l) Hall of Mirrors in the palace of Versailles, France (c) King Charles III (r)

French president’s Versailles dinner with King Charles III blasted for extravagance

‘That vaguely reminds me of a little story.’

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Prince Andrew

‘Loch Ness Noncer’: Royal family slammed for spending time with Prince Andrew after security email leak

‘His own daughters won’t even be seen with him.’

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State Trooper car with Waze logo on the door

Police department admits it uses Waze to lie about where its cops are, sparking debate

Twitter users are saying it violates the law

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Woman holding bottle at bar putting stopper into top of bottle caption 'Stay safe at pj's Ask your bartender for cup and bottle stoppers' (l) Woman at bar holding bottle with stopper and straw in it caption 'Stay safe at pj's Ask your bartender for cup and bottle stoppers' (r)

A bar made a TikTok about how it provides bottle stoppers to prevent drinks from getting spiked. Commenters think it’s sad (updated)

‘All bars should have these.’

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Man in business suit with hands behind his back in handcuffs

New U.K. bill wants to jail tech executives for lying to the government

Digital activists, though, are raising concerns.

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Homepage article image

This pro-lockdown ‘bot campaign’ on Twitter may have just been trolling

Despite claims online, it appears trolls may be responsible.

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Video: COVID-19 deniers try to remove older man from critical care

‘If you go home, you will die.’

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A teenager holding a phone with the TikTok logo on it.

Judge rules a 12-year-old girl can bring forward a privacy suit against TikTok

This is not the first time TikTok has had child privacy allegations levied at it.

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