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Rude Astrology gets fantastical and deep about Prince William’s alleged affair

He does have a south node in Capricorn...


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Posted on Apr 26, 2019   Updated on May 20, 2021, 1:54 pm CDT

Rumors about a royal affair are swirling online, and Twitter’s Rude Astrology account has an epic and nerdy tweetstorm explaining it. There are also, of course, many memes.

After the gossip that Prince William allegedly cheated on his wife began spiking in recent days, people tore into the 36-year-old Duke of Cambridge. One Twitter account, in particular, brilliantly trolled the monarch for reportedly cheating on the mother of his three children.

The Rude Astrology Twitter account built a reputation for its amusing take on astrological signs. Tweets tearing into people’s personalities, money-spending habits, and sex lives based on their sign gained @Rude_Astrology its more than 93,000 followers. It’s most recent royal thread has been spreading like wildfire.

The thread began by breaking down Kate’s astrological sign, and what it means for her emotional and spiritual wellbeing. “Kate also went through a nodal return recently, so this is about a tendency to be enclosed on herself,” the thread read. “To give too much or ‘fix’ especially in romantic partnerships.”

“So,” the thread surmised, “Kate here is being presented a choice of whether she should stay and carry the burden of duty especially as she has children and we all know once you marry into the royal family, there’s no way out or to choose what she needs which is honoring her emotional needs as a woman.”

Rude Astrology also noted that Kate will be rehashing old problems. “The one issue here is that—under the pressure—she’s blaming herself,” it theorized.

The thread then moved on to William.

“As you can see here, William also has a south node in Capricorn and is going through a Saturn square to his Pluto. … William has his 8th house in Leo ruled by Sun in Cancer in the 7th house at 0 degrees, so William’s sex drive is inspired by his father (who’s surprised?), but it’s bigger than that because William has always been pushed to be like his father or better, so under pressure he becomes his father,” the Twitter wrote.

For all the astrological laymen out there, the complicated jargon may come across as confusing. Luckily, Rude Astrology was nice enough to break down what each sign means.

The thread then went on to break down what William’s motivations may have been, based on his astrological sign. It’s a surprisingly deep dive into the Duke’s psyche that closed out on a rather harsh note. “The question here is: ‘Will Kate stay or defy the odds and divorce him?'” It then goes on to answer it’s own question. “I think for the time being, Kate is staying,” it said. “She’s going to act like everything is normal because this is her duty. But Kate will divorce him in a couple of years.” Oof.

People online have been eating up Rude Astrology’s unique take.

Prince William memes

The off-beat Twitter page wasn’t the only place with thoughts about William and Kate and what their future holds. Many people have decided that it’s time to “cancel” William, now that news of his rumored infidelity is known. This has stirred memes across the social network.

Many people were shocked to hear of the reported affair, particularly in the U.K. According to conversations online, many U.K. newspapers avoided reports of William’s alleged cheating, instead choosing to focus on any and every misstep by Meghan Markle. So in effect, British citizens learned about their prince’s alleged and rumored affair via Americans on Twitter.

Prince William and the royal family have been reportedly fighting to keep the rumors under wraps. With @Rude_Astrology’s thread, however, that task just got more challenging.


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*First Published: Apr 26, 2019, 11:39 am CDT