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People on Twitter are posting the 5 weirdest jobs they’ve had for this meme

From ‘hoe’ to ‘housewife’ and ‘joker’ to ‘smoker.’


Eilish O'Sullivan

Internet Culture

A Twitter post has inspired users to share their five most random or interesting jobs, from chemical hazardous waste removal tech to working the line at Golden Corral. But as the meme post got more popular, things started taking a bizarre turn.

The “five jobs” meme all began normal enough. Twitter user @spideypencil posted five jobs they have held, including a middle school teacher, auto insurance salesperson, and a registered nurse.

People jumped in to earnestly share their own personal career journey, which besides a few odd jobs, all seemed pretty regular.

But as the “5 jobs” post got more popular, it became increasingly used for jokes and inane responses.

For example, Samantha Irby proved that yes, you can turn a hoe into a housewife. Thank you, Samantha.

A Twitter account parodying the Irish border got in on the action.

And this person took inspiration from a Steve Miller Band song for his career path.

Ross O’Donovan may or may not have trolled Twitter with their five jobs list.

And this person may have been inspired by Meredith Brooks’ song “Bitch.”

A rundown of different sexual “jobs” was a reoccurring joke from the more provocative corner of Twitter.

But the stand-out employee was this very good boy who has probably excelled at every job he’s ever held.


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