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That’s My Towel! Charm, Inc. didn’t exactly charm customers.

The date Americans have all been waiting for is here. One of the biggest politicians in the 2016 election has finally become transparent about his finances. Mike Pence presents his tax returns.

About that. Despite breaking ranks and ignoring four decades of tradition, GOP nominee Donald Trump probably won’t be releasing his tax returns anytime soon. The Donald is very distracted by an audit that does literally nothing to prevent him from going public with his curious finances.

Hillary Clinton‘s hybrid PAC has taken notice, tweeting the above message multiple times in an effort to remind voters that Trump’s opacity is kinda weird. What’s really weird is the shocking revelation dropped within the 15 pages of Pence’s joint, married filings.

Not only does his wife, Karen Pence, have a towel charm business but it’s not exactly successful. In fact, it’s currently on hold. After media outlets got ahold of the news that That’s My Towel! Charm, Inc. exists in the first place, all went dark on its website and Twitter account and its Etsy store was shuttered.

There are no laws or FEC rules that prevent a running mate’s spouse from holding down a superfluous small business as unnecessary as a wine charm but without the thrill of inebriation. Before Pence was tapped to clean up Trump’s mistakes like a harried janitor at a Greyhound men’s room, Karen was trying and failing to get her towel charms to stick.

Her small business died the day after Pence accepted the VP nomination.

Jezebel has a solid writeup of what went wrong with That’s My Towel! Charm, Inc. Now that we’ve got the Pence family tax returns, we know exactly how wrong it went.

Follow your dreams, y’all. Unless, of course, it reflects badly on your husband.

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