Alien corpse memes cake


‘Me when I don’t get a little treat’: 2 alleged alien bodies were revealed this week. And the memes were out there

‘need him to feel like this.’


Audra Schroeder

Internet Culture

Earlier this week, the bodies of two allegedly ancient aliens were unveiled at a public hearing in Mexico. While the small, thin, mummified bodies are largely believed to be a hoax, the internet quickly did what it always does when offered alleged proof of extraterrestrial life: makes memes about it.

The image of the alien lying in what looks like a bed was an easy way in for a lot of people.

And after Oppenheimer summer, people fixated on the alien’s tiny waist, and used it as a vessel for countless variations on the “little treat” meme.

The “Is it cake?” trend came back as well, after someone apparently baked an alien cake for this.

People also yassified the alien.

Well, at least we know exactly what people will do if we’re provided with actual proof of an alien body.

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