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People are shook to find out how tall Dora the Explorer is

That is a VERY tall 7-year-old


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Posted on Dec 31, 2020   Updated on Dec 31, 2020, 8:41 am CST

Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer has been around for more than 20 years (feel old yet?), but people are just now figuring out how tall she is.

Little has changed about Dora over time. She still wears that same pink shirt and purple backpack, sports the same hairdo, and loves adventure. She is also still 7 years old, which is part of the reason Twitter users were absolutely staggered to discover that she is 5 feet 2 inches tall, according to viral screengrabs of Google Search results this week.

First of all, that is an extremely tall 7-year-old. The average child of Dora’s age is between 3’8″ and 4’1″, so a full foot taller than that is quite impressive. Maybe it’s all the adventuring? Either way, there are plenty of adults that don’t quite reach Dora’s full height, and they were devastated to discover their new reality.

Dora the Explorer height memes

Short(ish) people are now sharing in their collective agony over the discovery that a squat 7-year-old cartoon character surpasses them in height. She may not be real, but it clearly still stings. A meme trend quickly followed the unveiling of Dora’s impressive height, as people shared their reactions, amusement, and horror over the revelation.

“I JUST FOUND OUT I’M SHORTER THAN DORA THE FUCKING EXPLORER,” Twitter user @witchplease8 wrote. “I might actually end it here.”

She was not alone in her pain.

Dora the Explorer height comparisons

It turns out Dora isn’t just taller than a good chunk of adults. She is also taller than—or at least as tall as—a number of popular characters from other shows and video games. People quickly began sharing comparisons.

It turns out that Dora shares a height with Captain Levi from Attack on Titan. A man in his 30s, who kills titans for a living, is the same height as Dora the Explorer.

She also surpasses Mario in height. Even after all these years, the little plumber only manages to reach 5’1″.

Gon Freecss, the main character in Hunter x Hunter, also can’t quite reach Dora’s height. At least he might still be growing.

A number of other popular characters, from Bowser to Hiei from YuYu Hakusho, are significantly shorter than a 7-year-old. It’s a hard pill to swallow.

A lot of people were reminded of earlier this year, when the internet discovered Peppa Pig’s true—and terrifying—height of over 7 feet.

Or Caillou, who’s true height stirred similar emotions in people. At only 4 years old, this baby giant is an astonishing 5’11”. That just doesn’t seem fair.

As of press time, the search result on Google for “Dora the Explorer height” renders a snippet from a fandom page that’s been altered amid the meme madness to 9’10”.

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*First Published: Dec 31, 2020, 8:31 am CST