Donald Trump’s tombstone mysteriously appears in Central Park

While political lightning rod Donald Trump has no doubt inspired a fair number of “mysterious disappearance” fantasies in his pursuit of the presidency, it appears that someone would prefer to skip that step and simply bury him.

Yes, a tombstone for the Republican frontrunner bearing the imperative “Make America Hate Again” appeared in New York’s Central Park this weekend. It was swiftly removed in accordance with the park’s strict no-littering policy.

Someone placed an actual Trump tombstone in Central Park

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Was it a not-so-subtle threat or just viral marketing for a tombstone business? As of Monday morning, nobody is saying; the Central Park Conservancy hasn’t commented on the incident. But we got at least one confusing meme out of it, so enjoy.

If Trump has plans to take his final repose in central Manhattan, that would be news to us: We hear he actually wants to be buried on his favorite golf course in New Jersey, the Trump National Golf Bedminster, where he can presumably bedevil linksmen for decades to come with a giant penis-shaped obelisk blocking the ninth green. Now that’s a legacy.

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Miles Klee

Miles Klee

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