David Irving in 2012 over himself speaking in 1955 overlayed with question marks

‘I’m not convinced’: Ambiguous reporting about death of infamous Holocaust denier leads to memes questioning his existence

Reports of Irving's death were questioned after he spent a lifetime questioning Holocaust deaths.

On Feb 22, 2024 by Marlon Ettinger

Woman talking(l+r), Carnival Cruise ship(c)

‘I don’t know what else to do’: Carnival Cruise customer spent 2K on trip. Now that she’s passed away, they want a $1,300 cancellation fee

'You're a multibillion-dollar company... how is that OK?'

On Dec 6, 2023 by Stacy Fernandez

Henry Kissinger Wikipedia article on computer screen (l) Henry Kissinger in front of light blue background (r)

‘I’d put that on my resume’: Wikipedia editor brags she was ‘the girl’ who changed ‘is’ to ‘was’ on Henry Kissinger’s page

Someone had to do it.

On Nov 30, 2023 by Katherine Huggins

George Santos

‘A stunt queen through and through’: George Santos drops news of secret husband Matt in condolence tweet about Diane Feinstein’s death

It was a hard launch for the ages.

On Sep 29, 2023 by Marlon Ettinger

Homepage article image

‘They sent a rainbow figurine that we can look at every single day to be reminded’: Man says pet company killed his dog, sent him a poem as an apology

'Their negligence caused our dog to die.'

On Sep 25, 2023 by Stacy Fernandez

Dads Plane Crash

‘I’ll see you in Oregon’: Girl shares conspiracy theory that her dad’s death was staged. Viewers think he’s in witness protection

‘Feels illegal to watch this’

On Aug 19, 2023 by Grace Fowler

woman with her hand over her mouth (l & r) chocolate labrador with stick in its mouth (c)

‘I wouldn’t even know how to tell the owners’: Woman said she was dogsitting for her neighbors while they were on vacation. The dog died on the last day

'This happened to me with my BOSSES’ on CHRISTMAS.'

On Jul 6, 2023 by Phil West

close-up image of roses on top of a black coffin

How Gen Z is teaching us to embrace death

It turns out people actually *do* want to talk about death.

On Mar 22, 2023 by Mariam Sharia

woman working in office dancing with arms out in chair caption 'When my PTO was denied but that's ok cause bereavement still available and somebody die everyday' (l) woman working in caption 'When my PTO was denied but that's ok cause bereavement still available and somebody die everyday' (c) woman working in office dancing with arms out in chair caption 'When my PTO was denied but that's ok cause bereavement still available and somebody die everyday' (r)

‘Somebody die everyday’: Worker uses bereavement time off after PTO is denied

'Bro, my uncle Craig has died like 5 times.'

On Jan 10, 2023 by Braden Bjella

PnB Rock standing in front of greenery (l) Steph Sibounheuang standing outside with hand on cheek (r)

‘Leave PnB Rock’s gf alone’: People are criticizing those blaming PnB Rock’s girlfriend after she posted their location

'It’s crazy that y’all are soft blaming PnB Rock’s gf for a common social media practice, and not the man with the gun.'

On Sep 13, 2022 by Rachel Kiley

family goes to waterpark after brother died tiktok

‘It’s OK to laugh’: Woman says her family went on a non-refundable waterpark trip after her brother unexpectedly died

'Dark humor is my favorite coping mechanism.'

On Sep 13, 2022 by Tricia Crimmins

man standing on sidewalk with caption 'told my hinge date i was out of town for my grandpa's funeral' (l&c) caption 'But then he saw me fuck up a chicken caesar wrap across the street' (r)

‘Just be an adult and tell him you’re not interested’: TikToker caught lying to Hinge date about being at grandpa’s funeral, sparking debate

'His face says it all.'

On Sep 7, 2022 by Jack Alban

woman greenscreen TikTok over medical bill caption 'Smiling at how absurd this is' (l) Medical bill 'Charges 341.00, 12.00, 7.50' with 341.00 circled in red (c) woman speaking hands up caption 'PSA: It is not the fault of the Dr., Nurses, pharmacists, etc. This is a problem with the Healthcare system.' (r)

‘You would think after spending $2 million on her medical expenses that the death would be free’: TikToker says hospital charged her $340 for confirmation of her daughter’s death

'She was not discharged, she died.'

On Aug 14, 2022 by Dan Latu

Homepage article image

‘They coming pick you up cause you not missing no shifts’: Amazon delivery truck drives through cemetery in viral TikTok

'Jeff came to see if the employee really died because he called out.'

On Jul 27, 2022 by Braden Bjella

Wooden Gavel on money on pink background TikTok logo left

Parents sue TikTok for alleged ‘blackout challenge’ deaths

There are now two lawsuits alleging TikTok pushed dangerous content on minors.

On Jul 8, 2022 by Audra Schroeder