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Disney’s ‘Tangled’ lowkey predicted the 2020 pandemic

'I was today years old when I learned that the kingdom in Tangled is called Corona.'


Mikael Thalen

Internet Culture

Posted on Dec 28, 2020

Internet users are convinced that the 2020 coronavirus pandemic was predicted in Disney’s 2010 hit film Tangled.

The film’s main character Rapunzel, like many during the pandemic, has found herself isolated away from society. Not only that, the kingdom where she lives is known as “Corona.”


The finding caught many by surprise, who hadn’t made the connection up until now.

“I was today years old when I learned that the kingdom in Tangled is called Corona,” @SuperAdamAdam1 said.


Given that the original story of Rapunzel is well over 200 years old, any similarities between the Tangled version and current events are mere coincidence.

But some appeared to believe that perhaps there was more to the story. One user even claimed that conspiracy theorists have begun citing the film as evidence that the pandemic was planned.

“Just saw locals on fb ranting about how Tangled – the fictional Disney animated film – was set on ‘the island of Corona’ and she was ‘Kept in lockdown in a tower’ and how that’s proof of ‘the scam,’ @98spook wrote. “We are never getting out of this mess are we?”

Debate on the topic has been prominent across social media over the past week. But it’s not the first time Tangled has been linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

The movie became a trending topic online at the beginning of the pandemic as well. Glenn Slater, who wrote the lyrics for Tangled, even joked on Twitter last March that he did not predict the outbreak.

The Disney film is far from the first piece of popular culture to be tied to the current pandemic. Numerous episodes of The Simpsons have also coincidentally linked up with events from 2020 as well.

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*First Published: Dec 28, 2020, 12:13 pm CST