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Dairy Queen worker reveals why you shouldn’t ‘order a blizzard with a billion toppings on it’ in viral TikTok

'What makes me mad is that these flavors don't go together and someone had the AUDACITY.'


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Posted on Nov 17, 2021   Updated on Nov 22, 2021, 11:42 am CST

A thoroughly excessive Dairy Queen order is spurring a conversation on TikTok, and turning plenty of stomachs.

Behind-the-scenes fast-food videos have been all the rage on the platform for awhile now, as current and former employees of numerous fast-food favorites lift the veil on menu items. The latest of these goes behind the counter at Dairy Queen, and gives viewers a glimpse of what goes into making a Blizzard.

The brief video, shared to user @mcrespoalvarado’s page, sports a caption noting that “This is why you don’t order a Blizzard with a billion toppings in it.” The video begins on an order screen, which a voiceover notes shows a “real order” with numerous toppings on it, including Oreo, caramel, strawberry, and Butterfinger pieces.

A hand, seemingly belonging to the account owner, Michael Crespo-Alvarado, begins making the order over the sound of eerie music. The worker fills the cup to around its half-way point with ice cream, before starting the process of overloading it with toppings. The small amount of ice cream quickly disappears beneath two scoops of strawberries, a hearty helping of caramel and chocolate sauce, as well as five heaping scoops of Oreo. By the time the worker reaches the Butterfinger, cookie dough, and M&M’s, Crespo-Alvarado is running out of room. The final touch—most of a banana—is barely able to fit in the cup.

The overflowing cup is already precarious before Crespo-Alvarado puts it in the mixer, so its no surprise when the machine sends toppings everywhere. As it works to combine the numerous toppings with a relatively small amount of ice cream, the mixer sends banana, Oreo, M&Ms, and Butterfinger flying. A text overlay sarcastically wonders: “Why did this happen?”


This is why you don’t order a blizzard with a billion toppings in it ☺️

♬ Spooky and scary music – LEOPARD

The resulting chocolate-colored mash doesn’t look at all appetizing. Its reveal leads directly to the video’s conclusion, in which Crespo-Alvarado flips the Blizzard upside down in typical DQ fashion, only to have it spill messily out all over the sink.

Viewers were disgusted by the confusing and overloaded drink, and shared their displeasure in the comments. Numerous people took issue with a number of the combinations in the video, with one noting that “caramel and strawberries is such a vile combo.” Another commenter took issue with the entire order, writing: “what makes me mad is that these flavors don’t go together and someone had the AUDACITY.”

For those who could get past the upsetting flavor combos, the amount of toppings became the most important part of the video. Namely, numerous people took massive issue with the fact that Crespo-Alvarado added five entire scoops of Oreo to a Blizzard that he already knew was going to be overloaded. They called him out via comment, pointing out that “bruh you added hella Oreos” and “I feel like putting less would be common sense for most people.”

The quantity of Oreo was a big issue for most people.

“Okay. Maybe, just maybe, don’t add 15 scoops of Oreos,” one person sarcastically noted. The vast majority of the comments section agreed, blasting Crespo-Alvarado for serving “toppings with ice cream.”

It was noted, by several former and current Dairy Queen employees, that the company has set portions for each size of Blizzard. Several commenters noted that Crespo-Alvarado added the correct amount of toppings based on the order, but not everyone was convinced.

Despite the largely negative reaction, several commenters learned something from Crespo-Alvarado’s video. Several viewers didn’t realize that DQ Blizzards could be customized, and were delighted to realize that they can walk away with a custom-made ice cream treat next time they visit a location.

Crespo-Alvarado is taking all the negative energy in his comments section in stride, jokingly informing negative viewers that he “just started” at Dairy Queen. Based on his upload history, however, he has been an employee for some time, and likely just enjoys trolling his viewers with the occasional nightmare order.

In a comment to the Daily Dot, Crespo-Alvarado said it was a “real order.”

“It was a real order! I did not serve that specific Blizzard that was in the video though. I remade it with less of the toppings so I was actually able to serve it (so it was thicker the way a Blizzard should be) but the one I made in the video was the 100% correct way to make that type of Blizzard with all those extra toppings,” Crespo-Alvarado said.

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*First Published: Nov 17, 2021, 9:22 am CST