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Newsletter: FBI doesn’t want Meta to make its job harder

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Andrew Wyrich

Internet Culture

Posted on Apr 24, 2023   Updated on Apr 25, 2023, 8:03 am CDT

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Hello fellow citizens of the internet! Andrew here. Welcome to today’s edition of web_crawlr

Our top stories to kick off the week are about: A viral video where a woman calls Uber Eats to help her after she got stuck on a roof, how law enforcement is pleading with Meta not to implement end-to-end encryption, a review of the new Peacock series Mrs. Davis, and a renter claiming she found painted over hair in her apartment

After that, our Tech Reporter Mikael has his weekly “One Dumb Conspiracy” column. 

See you tomorrow! 

— A.W. 

⚡ Today’s top stories

Woman gets locked out on the roof—so she orders Uber Eats for driver to let her back inside

Uber Eats came to the rescue of one woman when she was stranded on top of her apartment’s roof, showcasing some of the creative ways to get out of a bind without contacting law enforcement. 


FBI asks Meta to not implement end-to-end encryption, says it will make its job harder

A global law enforcement consortium is urging Meta not to go through with plans to fully encrypt messaging on the company’s platforms.


‘Mrs. Davis’ embraces the episodic format—making for a ridiculously fun take on AI

Sword-wielding nuns, an exploded horse, and exuberant magician swindlers are some of the more grounded elements of Peacock’s new series Mrs. Davis.


🎨 WTF 
‘And that’ll be $1,450 a month’: Renter finds hair painted over in apartment

It’s only a matter of time before most renters discover a “landlord special” lurking somewhere in their rental.


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🔍 One Dumb Conspiracy

By Mikael Thalen

ampoules with Covid-19 vaccine on a laboratory bench
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Anti-vaxxers twist FDA announcement on deauthorization of certain COVID vaccines

In each edition of web_crawlr we have exclusive original content every day. On Mondays our Tech Reporter Mikael Thalen debunks the most wild conspiracy theories swirling around the web in his “One Dumb Conspiracy” column. If you want to read columns like this before everyone else, subscribe to web_crawlr to get your daily scoop of internet culture delivered straight to you inbox.

🕸️ Crawling the web

Here is what else is happening across the ‘net.

🍻 A bartender is going viral for sharing all of the things that piss him off while on the job.

🏘️ While Airbnb hosts have accused guests of stealing items before, this person is going viral for a more confusing situation.

💸 Yikes. This Walmart worker claims they were only given a 60-cent raise after catching 373 people shoplifting. 

☕ This barista is going viral for responding to another user who ranted about getting the wrong lid with her drink.

🖊️ If you’re a server at a restaurant and you find yourself in dire need of a bunch of pens “that you don’t care if people steal,” Amazon‘s got you.

🍔 This Wendy’s location was caught on video being out of a staggering number of menu items.

🎮 From the Daily Dot archive: How a Sims 2 fan forum became anunwitting safe space for queer creatives.

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👋 Before you go

A TikTok of a man yelling at a Southwest Airlines flight attendant over a crying baby on an airplane has gone viral, sparking conversations about airplane conduct and bringing children on flights.

The video, which was filmed and posted by TikToker @mjgrabowski, apparently occurred during a flight to Orlando, Florida.

When @mjgrabowski starts showing the airplane cabin, a man in the background talks to flight attendants as a baby cries. @mjgrabowski mainly keeps the camera on himself as he struggles (and fails) not to laugh and occasionally looks at his seatmates off-camera.

man yelling on plane as worker tells him to leave (l) man yelling on plane next to wife with caption 'His wife is thrilled.' (c) man speaking with group of people with caption 'He tried to plead his case that he had a right to yell because there was two adults with the crying baby and he shouldn't have been disturbed' (r)
@mjgrabowski/TikTok (Fair Use) by Caterina Cox

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*First Published: Apr 24, 2023, 10:30 am CDT