Wendy's employees speaking with caption 'POV: you come into work and don't got blank so you had to make a list to repeat to every customer' (l) Wendy's building with sign (c) Wendy's employees speaking with caption 'POV: you come into work and don't got blank so you had to make a list to repeat to every customer' (r)

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‘Well what do you have’: Wendy’s location is out of lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, chili, potatoes, and Frosties

‘We always out of something.’


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It’s always annoying when a restaurant is out of stock of an item you want. Whether it’s due to supply chain issues or a simple failure of the restaurant to adequately stock for the day, missing items can enrage customers—and cause a headache for those who work at the store.

Numerous cases of stores being out of items have gone viral after being posted by customers. In February of this year, a user on TikTok sparked discussion after showing a Chicago-area Popeyes that was out of nearly everything on the menu. A similar video taken at a Burger King went viral last year.

Now, another case of out-of-stock items has sparked discussion on the platform. In a video with over 273,000 views, TikTok user Savannah (@savyy.queen) shows herself and her Wendy’s co-worker telling a drive-thru customer all of the items the store is missing.

“Thank you for choosing Wendy’s,” the co-worker says. “I just want to let you know that we are out of tomatoes, lettuce, bacon, chili, chocolate Frosties, vanilla Frosties, and potatoes.”

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This isn’t the first video of its kind from the employee perspective. Employees from Taco Bell, Starbucks, and more have all made videos with similar messages, each one stressing that the employees are not responsible for the lack of items in the store.

This was a point echoed in the comments under Savannah’s video.

“This happend to us just the other day,” recalled a commenter. “One girl was in tears people were so mad and we were getting slammed.”

“We were out of cheese and we told everyone before they ordered and this dude understood that ordered and cussed at us when we gave him his order,” said another.

Wendy’s seemed particularly prone to these shortages.

“I know Wendy’s when I hear it,” stated a commenter. “So many nights like this.”

“I work at Wendy’s and we always out of something,” added a second.

“Why is this so universal,” asked an additional TikToker. “My Wendy’s had a list of 15+ items we were out of and it took like 2 whole minutes to list off.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Wendy’s via email and Savannah via TikTok comment.

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