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TikTok’s ‘chin on palm’ challenge has people scratching their heads

You can count on me like one, two, three.


Nahila Bonfiglio

Internet Culture

A new TikTok meme is on the rise, and it’s kind of weird.

In the most recent trend to reach virality from the video-sharing social network, TikTok users are holding out their hands and commanding their friends to run and place their heads onto the user’s hand. It’s much like a dog running to its owner for chin pets, and clips are set to a cover of Bruno Mars’ “Count On Me” from YouTuber Connie Talbot.


Perhaps because the young woman involved is so obedient, many people were immediately put off by the short video. Anyone with a dog would likely think that this trend began with an eager pup placing its head on someone’s palm, but it actually stretches farther back to early 2018, according to an Intelligencer investigation.

The trend began, as many things on TikTok do, in Asia. (TikTok is a Chinese company.) A South Korean singer and their friend posted videos participating in a different TikTok challenge, called the #IAmYourValentine challenge. The resulting gag was similar.


From there, the trend spread like wildfire. It may have already run its course in South Korea, but the challenge is just getting started in the States. Dogs did come into the equation at some point—producing some much less creepy versions of the challenge—but it always circled back to humans.


Now the challenge is everywhere.

Some of the best videos show people growing increasingly annoyed by the requirement to reach the indicating palm and place their chin on it.


My personal favorite, however, is this hapless young woman who thought she was getting food, rather than an invitation to relocate her chin. Gold.

The trend will likely burn out in just a few days, as internet challenges usually do. Especially those fueled by funny teenagers. But the millions of views will live forever.


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