People are throwing their Vans to see if they land facing up

Over the weekend, someone on Twitter discovered that if you throw a pair of Vans, they will land right side up every single time. They posted the video on Twitter saying, “Did you know it doesn’t matter how you throw your vans they will land facing up?”

The video quickly went viral and has been made into a challenge. People have been posting their own videos throwing their Vans for the Throw Your Vans Challenge. In most of the videos, people are surprised to see it work.


Of course, there had to be someone who ruined the fun. One person’s Vans didn’t land right side up. “I AM THE MYTH BUSTER,” they wrote in the caption of the video.

While many people are absolutely shook that Vans land that perfectly every time, someone pointed out that it isn’t actually that impressive, it’s just how the shoes are designed.

“Everyone shocked that Vans always land right-side-up are seemingly forgetting that they are skate shoes, which are specifically designed with a particular weight imbalance to help you land as often as possible,” they pointed out. “Like dude … that’s how shoes work.”

Whether it’s magic or just how the shoes were made to work, it’s pretty fun to watch. I’m now going go throw all my Vans around my house.


Gabrielle Sorto

Gabrielle Sorto

Gabrielle Sorto is an Atlanta-based freelance writer covering culture, lifestyle, and news. Her work has appeared in CNN, Teen Vogue, INSIDER, and Vice. She can usually be found writing with an overpriced coffee in hand or hanging out with her dog, Rihanna, who is named after exactly who you think.