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This guy literally ate his own hat after losing a stupid bet

As we learned from the guy who drank his own urine, Reddit users tend to be true to their word.


Mike Fenn

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As we learned from the guy who drank his own urine, Reddit users tend to be true to their word. So when one Bitcoin fan said that he’d eat his own hat if the digital currency’s value dipped below $1,000, he made good.

Anndddyyyy wrote in a March 26 post on r/bitcoinmarkets:

Some time back in late November after a night of drinking with some friends I came home and decided to check out /r/bitcoinmarkets to talk about Bitcoins. As you can see in this thread I was so sure of my drunken predictions that I offered to eat a hat on video with ketchup if I was wrong. Well, I was wrong. Bitcoins and alcohol don’t go well together. Lesson learned.

Sure enough, in his painful 46-minute video, Anndddyyyy systematically devours his hat. He does so by cutting it into pieces and working them into a sandwich.

“One footlong with extra cheese, ketchup, and hat. Hold the pickles and earmuffs.”

He explains how:

I did it in 3 phases. I had every intention of doing it all in one meal until a friend of mine who’s in nursing school expressed genuine concern because the digestive system doesn’t break down cotton. 

My stomach definitely felt “off” after each time and it gave me a weird headache. I didn’t notice any hat pieces in my poo so maybe she was wrong?

Anndddyyyy’s video followup to his claim received waves of upvotes on many different Bitcoin-related subreddits. Unsurprisingly, it also shot to the top of r/bestof.

Sure, Anndddyyyy is aware that “I’ll eat my hat” is a decades-old expression. But he felt obliged to serve the community that had attracted him to and taught him about Bitcoin from the very beginning.

A year and a day ago I came to reddit to learn more about Bitcoin and have stayed ever since. I don’t want to throwaway my first and only reddit account to hide. I would’ve seen it as an insult to this community that I love so much. I really like my username too! In some weird way I want to show that even behind pseudo-anonymous accounts discussing pseudo-anonymous currency, we’re not all liars and cheats. This is my little way of contributing to our self regulation.

This is a man who patiently waited for news on that safe, isn’t it?

Hopefully the value of Bitcoin doesn’t dip below $500 or even $100. Anndddyyyy doesn’t have many hats left.

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