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This oversized Balenciaga coat is literally what Joey wore on ‘Friends’

Who wore it better?


Stacey Ritzen

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With the east coast currently under the suffocating vice grip of a late summer heatwave, many folks are understandably looking forward to the chillier coming months of comfy hoodies, parkas, and layers upon layers. So much so that a meme even started this week in which dudes fantasized about all the oversized clothing they’ll be wearing once it gets cold enough to do so.

Well fear not, chilly climate loving dawgs. Balenciaga heard you liked oversized coats so they put a coat in your coat so you can coat while you coat.

Yes, for their 2018 fall/winter line, the luxury fashion house is coming out with the no-frills named “Oversized Layered Parka Coat,” which is comprised of seven layers of plaid shirts, jersey hoodies, technical fleeces, and so on, and comes with an extremely-frills price tag of $9,000.

As we’ve been reminded time and time again, fashion is profoundly subjective. Having said that, it seems just a bit silly to pay a small fortune for a lewk—as one person put it—that you can create for under $100 at your local neighborhood thrift shop.

Having said that, more than a few people took one look at the garment and made a not super unreasonable comparison to someone else who was misunderstood for his fashion sense.

The Simpsons gets a lot of credit for predicting the future, and rightly so. Who else could have possibly seen that Donald Trump would one day be elected president?

This meme actually came from the season three, episode two of Friends called “The One Where No One’s Ready,”in which Joey puts on all of Chandler’s clothes to get back at him for hiding his underwear.

But between Joey Tribbiani inadvertently designing high fashion from the year 1996 and Ross somehow coming up with the plot of the Black Mirror episode “San Junipero,” maybe the gang’s soothsaying skills don’t get nearly enough recognition.

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