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‘This is some Black Mirror nonsense’: Smart home thermostat glitches, plays Sublime (updated)

'The sound quality is better than expected.'

On Oct 31, 2023 by Audra Schroeder

Ai versions of Tom Brady, Kendall Jenner, and Charlie Demilo

‘Isn’t this a “Black Mirror” episode?’: Woman texts with Kendall Jenner’s AI doppelgänger ‘Billie’

The uncanny valley is gaining some influencers.

On Oct 11, 2023 by Tricia Crimmins


‘READ THE F*CKING TERMS AND CONDITIONS HOLY SH*T’: Netflix rolls out streaming website from ‘Joan Is Awful’

'Checking these two feels terrifying after watching the episode.'

On Jun 20, 2023 by Audra Schroeder

Diane Morgan in 'Cunk on Earth'

‘Cunk on Earth’ asks the big (dumb) questions 

Cunk isn’t trying to mislead people, but ironically, out-of-context clips from the show are now going viral on TikTok. 

On Feb 16, 2023 by Audra Schroeder

black mirror

The world is too bleak for more ‘Black Mirror,’ says series creator

'I don’t know what stomach there would be for stories about societies falling apart.'

On May 6, 2020 by Michelle Jaworski

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Instagram’s hidden like counts were inspired by a ‘Black Mirror’ episode

In the episode, everyone rates everyone IRL.

On Jan 18, 2020 by Alexandra Samuels

Little Black Mirro

A ‘Black Mirror’-inspired miniseries is coming to YouTube via Netflix Latin America

The Fosters' Maia Mitchell and Swedish DJ Alesso are set to star.

On May 24, 2019 by Kris Seavers

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Miley Cyrus and ‘Avengers’ star Anthony Mackie coming to ‘Black Mirror’—watch the trailer

Season 5 is coming sooner than you think.

On May 15, 2019 by Nahila Bonfiglio

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People are losing it over these contact lenses with built-in computers

'Black Mirror' nightmare or the future of porn?

On Jan 28, 2019 by Mikael Thalen

black mirror bandersnatch

‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ lands Netflix in trademark lawsuit

'We've been left with no other option.'

On Jan 11, 2019 by Eilish O'Sullivan

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You thought you saw it all—now Netflix says there’s another ‘Bandersnatch’ ending

Who has another two hours to spare?

On Jan 9, 2019 by Gabrielle Sorto

black mirror bandersnatch will poulter

‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ star Will Poulter is logging off Twitter

Poulter wants to focus on his mental health.

On Jan 4, 2019 by Audra Schroeder

apple tv black mirror bandersnatch

‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ won’t work on Apple TV

Apple TV users are out of luck.

On Dec 30, 2018 by Stephanie Fillion

bandersnatch black mirror stefan

‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ lets viewers choose their own endings, and here they are

'How’s that for entertainment?!'

On Dec 29, 2018 by Elizabeth VanMetre

black mirror bandersnatch memes

‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ is causing people to question their decision-making

Sugar Puffs or Frosties?

On Dec 28, 2018 by Elizabeth VanMetre