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Brits are sharing their ‘awfully British Amazon reviews’ on Twitter

The hashtag was flooded with Brexit jokes.


Siobhan Ball

Internet Culture

Posted on Oct 14, 2019   Updated on May 20, 2021, 1:29 am CDT

Deservedly or not, Brits have a reputation for awkward politeness. Twitter account @awfullybritish2, which is run by a collective of funny people on the internet, highlights that reputation with its Twitter hashtag game.

Through the game, users tasked with creating their “awfully British” take on the topic at hand. Sunday night’s game was dubbed #AwfullyBritishAmazonReviews, and it managed to go viral.

“I was very disappointed but if that upsets you then I liked it,” Twitter user @bryan_fogg wrote.

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Twitter user @Vix_Russell expressed anti-social behavior when around strangers, another reputation among Brits, on the hashtag.

“I ordered a book off Amazon and asked for it to be left in the porch…the delivery driver proceeded to ring the doorbell & bang on my door, before taking it to a neighbours’. Great, now I have to actually interact with a human to acquire my delivery,” they wrote.

Others leaned into Brits’ true, foul-mouthed nature.

Twitter user @andlifeainteasy took the opportunity to vent about a very real British problem.

“They left the package by the bins and recycling took it. #AwfullyBritishAmazonReviews,” @andlifeainteasy wrote.

The hashtag was flooded with Brexit jokes, of course.

“I’ve ordered Brexit twice now but it was never delivered,” Twitter user @Berlinseshdmtv wrote. To which Twitter user @BipolarPrince12 replied, “It was moderately popular, but unfortunately turned out not to be as described at all, so best to bin it, get in touch with trade descriptions and get your money back.”

Then there was a whole category of jokes about far-right politician Nigel Farage, who sells his books on Amazon.

“I ordered Nigel Farage’s autobiography. The delivery driver simply ejaculated through my letter box. I was pleasantly surprised by it’s accuracy,” Twitter user
@cameron71 wrote.

One user’s take poked fun at book aesthetic lovers.

“I saw this book online – I really liked the idea of reading it but I knew I never would. It looks lovely on my bookshelf. Pristine and no creases at all!” Twitter user @jeremyorbell wrote.

Along with Brexit, memes overtook the hashtag–which also featured unflattering takes on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (so, still kind of Brexit).

This is not the type of mug holder I requested,” Twitter user @PaulPJB wrote, along with a photo of Johnson cheerfully holding up a “Get Brexit Done” mug.

Johnson wasn’t the only one being dragged through the virtual mud. Jacob Rees-Mogg, of the lounging politician meme, and Piers Morgan both received dishonorable mentions.


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*First Published: Oct 14, 2019, 4:08 pm CDT