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‘Get Ready for Brexit’ campaign spawns memes, despair

People are scared and angry. So… memes.


Siobhan Ball

Internet Culture

The U.K. government on Sunday released a campaign to get its citizens “Ready For Brexit,” Britain’s planned exit from the European Union on Oct. 31. There are billboards, online and newspaper advertisements, and even a nifty quiz on the government’s website telling people what they need to do to prepare.

Get ready for Brexit memes

But there are some complaints. For one, the campaign’s hefty price tag (reported to be more than $120,000,000) caught people’s attention.

For another, the campaign is not very helpful. Even the quiz really only covers travel and business regulations.

“I’m really I’m really enjoying the posters telling people to Get ready for Brexit by not telling anyone how,” author Emma Kennedy tweeted.

Few appear to be taking the campaign or its tagline seriously.

And a lot of people have genuine concerns over the potential food and medication shortages that many experts say are likely to occur following the deadline.

Folks are also concerned about job losses and tariffs that a no-deal conclusion could bring.

People don’t believe the government has prepared properly for the aftermath and that even the Leavers (i.e., Brits in favor of leaving the E.U.) will end up changing their minds once they’ve had to live with the consequences.

Basically, people are scared and angry, and the advertising campaign isn’t doing much to help.

At least the memes are dank?


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