Andy King reacts to all the ‘Fyre’ Netflix doc memes about him

Fyre producer Andy King explained a scenario in the Netflix Fyre Festival documentary that turned into memes, and he loves them.

In the doc, King said Fyre founder Billy McFarland asked him to give a customs official a blowjob in exchange for drinking water for the festival. King was ready to take one for the team and said he went to the officials’ office “fully prepared to suck his dick.”

People noticed his dedication to getting the job done and he quickly became a meme. King became the face of how far someone is willing to go.

Netflix tweeted a video of King reacting to all of the memes and was “blown away” by the response. He enjoys that his name is now “a noun, a verb and an adjective” but, he doesn’t want to be known as “the blowjob king of the world.”

He’s using his newfound viral fame for good. There are GoFundMe pages set up to pay back the workers in the Bahamas who helped with Fyre Festival.

“If I can drive positive influences and a lot of positive energy toward, you know, social and environmental impact,” King said. “I think I can utilize this moment to do a lot of good.”

Gabrielle Sorto

Gabrielle Sorto

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