The intersection of the internet and the state.

Here’s where you can watch the March for Science livestream
Watch the March for Science livestream right here.
How to use Twitter’s new two-factor authentication feature
Twitter now supports authenticator apps. Here’s how to enable the feature.
Trump tweets curious video celebrating release of Egyptian-American from Cairo
Aya Hijazi, 30, is a charity worker who was imprisoned three years ago.
Obama to make first public appearance since leaving White House
The event at the University of Chicago is part of Obama's efforts to promote civic engagement.
Trump slams ‘ridiculous’ 100-day standard—so why is this ‘contract’ with voters still on his website?
Trump blamed the media for creating the 'ridiculous standard,' but his website tells a different story.
Hillary Clinton has a message for Donald Trump: ‘Gay rights are human rights’
LGBTQ Americans must 'resist, insist, persist, and enlist,' she said.
Steve Bannon told Roger Ailes that Megyn Kelly is ‘the devil, and she will turn on you’
Bannon thinks Megyn Kelly was the breaking point between Fox News and Breitbart.
City on the frontline of cyberwarfare to host Global Cybersecurity Summit
GCS2017 will host experts and thought leaders from both the private and public sector.
What you need to know about joining the March for Science
Everything you need to know, from the marchs start time to the philosophy behind the protest.
Fear not, Bill O’Reilly: Trump’s presidency proves America doesn’t care about sexual assault
America will decide, just as it has with Trump, that allowing O’Reilly to keep his public platforms is tolerable. What will we decide is OK tomorrow?
Trump fails to deliver a new cybersecurity plan within 90 days, as promised
The White House has offered up no plan to combat malicious cyberattacks by foreign hackers.
U.S. authorities seek prosecution of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
Authorities have reportedly prepared the necessary charges to arrest Assange.