The intersection of the internet and the state.

8 people found dead in back of tractor trailer in alleged ‘human trafficking crime’
Temperatures reached as high as 101 degrees on Saturday.
2 women are making history as the first females to enlist in Navy special operations
The women will undergo 'the ultimate test of a man's will.'
‘We’re All Gonna Die,’ episode 8: Trump goes rogue
Congratulations, America! You've made it 6 months into Trump's presidency.
Black Lives Matter shouldn’t be expected to protest bride-to-be’s shooting death
Calling on the movement is the wrong approach to take.
Trump’s new hire quickly deletes anti-Trump tweets
Anthony Scaramucci probably is hoping you don't see these tweets.
The ‘Game of Thrones’ premiere was pirated 90 million times
Pirates still love watching 'Game of Thrones.'
The biggest names in tech are spending record lobbying fees—here’s what they want
Silicon Valley shelled out more than $15 million lobbying the White House.
Sean Spicer resigns, and Twitter is inconsolable
Sean Spicer is gone but the jokes live on.
Senate confirms anti-LGBTQ, sexist blogger to federal court
The man who uses 'f**got' was appointed by Trump.
Sean Spicer resigns in protest over new Trump appointment
Spicer's resignation comes in response to Trump's appointment of a new communications director
Congressman demands White House make Trump’s pardons public
Did Trump pre-emptively pardon himself or members of his staff? This congressman wants to know.
Lawyer who met with Trump Jr. reportedly represented Russian spy agency
The new information about the meeting comes at a tense time between Trump and Russia probe investigators.
Trump reportedly looks at pardon powers as team aims to derail Mueller’s Russia probe
Trump's lawyers are getting ready to batten down the hatches.