‘Sorry to Bother You’ is a masterclass in intersectionality
The film perfectly mirrors our political moment.
Mother and daughter reportedly interrogated by customs agent over different last names
The agent reportedly told the mother she should have taken her husband’s last name.
Why incels are nothing to laugh at
Incels aren't just sad men. They're a threat to women everywhere.
Man pleads guilty to assaulting his girlfriend for using Snapchat
The ‘only words I remember before he started beating me was, 'You have a f***ing Snapchat,’’ the girlfriend said.
Jeff Sessions is hell-bent on keeping women unsafe
Denying asylum to domestic violence victims is par for his women-devaluing course.
Forbes’ list of the 100 highest-paid athletes is in—and women are missing
Meanwhile, the man at the top of the list is a convicted domestic abuser.
Miss America is getting rid of its swimsuit competition—and not everyone is pleased
Miss America will no longer be judged based on her physical appearance. Or so they say.
How a feminist startup is bouncing back after being sued by men for discrimination
Ladies Get Paid isn't going to let MRAs deter them from destroying the wage gap.
‘Intersectional feminism’ isn’t a complicated concept
Your guide to the history, practice, and necessity of intersectionality.
GirlTrek is getting Black women walking for their health—and their legacy
Two friends refused to fall victim to the grim health statistics faced by Black women, so they founded a movement.
Former Snap engineer describes sexist, toxic culture in farewell letter
The company admits only 13 percent of its technology-related roles are filled by women.
How ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’ became subversive, guerrilla TV
A conversation with the cast and director of the must-watch Amazon series.
Laci Green returns from exile on YouTube
The feminist vlogger tried to start a dialogue with the alt-right. You’ll believe what happened next.
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