11 times Mazie Hirono had zero f**ks to give
The Hawaii senator may just be our greatest feminist hero.
#WhyIDidntReport attacks Trump’s comments on sexual assault
For how much longer do we have to shout our traumas?
India moves to ban practice that allows men to divorce women by texting a word 3 times
The Muslim 'triple talaq' policy is about to be outlawed.
The real reason irrelevant men are getting Netflix specials
For every Ali Wong, we don't need to dig up a Norm MacDonald to show 'equality.'
Victoria’s Secret model shuts down men who doubt her ability to code
Other women programmers are sharing their stories of sexism in science and tech.
Democratic socialist Julia Salazar says she was ‘outed’ as a sexual assault survivor by conservative site
'I strongly believe sexual assault survivors should not be outed in this way.'
Guy looking for a woman he met at a bar inadvertently creates an all-Nicole gang
246 Nicoles received the young man's desperate attempt to reconnect.
Racist cartoon of Serena Williams draws internet’s ire
Let us count the ways this is deeply offensive.
Brett Kavanagh calls birth control ‘abortion-inducing drugs’
Sen. Ted Cruz has also used the phrasing.
Goop must pay $145K for misleading vagina egg
Gweneth Paltrow's company has been ordered to stop making unsubstantiated medical claims.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez congratulates ‘sister in service’ Ayanna Pressley on historic win
Pressley is on her way to becoming Massachusetts' first Black congresswoman.
Twitter is a hellscape for female scholars
If you're a woman with a Ph.D., expect users to question your expertise, maybe even dox you.
One year later: How Trump’s birth control mandate rollback has affected women
Prices have gone up even for those who aren't on Obamacare.
‘Ear parties,’ luxury piercing, and the mothers yearning for control
When life feels chaotic, why not get your tragus pierced.
How should we celebrate Women’s Equality Day in 2018?
Women’s Equality Day—slated for Aug. 26—has its origins in equal voting rights. So what kind of equality should we hope for?
FDA approves a controversial app as a form of contraception
Would you use an app for birth control?
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