Can someone please tell this man that the vagina is not like a rotting piece of tuna?
This isn't a sex education lesson, but a cautionary tale not to f**k rotting fish.
Woman rejected from job for being a woman
The company actually wrote it was 'looking for a man' in her rejection email.
Donald Trump, again, tweets his support for men accused of domestic abuse
He's far more concerned with the lives being 'shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation.'
Walgreens adapts transgender-inclusive bathroom policy
This was after a cis woman was denied using the ladies' room because she 'looked like a man.'
Female Uber drivers make 7 percent less than male drivers, study finds
Uber, however, found no 'evidence [of] outright discrimination.'
Justin Trudeau mansplains ‘inclusivity’ to woman, gets roasted
The prime minister pulled a straight-up feminist no-no.
On global day of awareness, survivors of female genital mutilation say #MeToo
FGM survivors want to be included in the international narrative against sexual abuse.
Stop trying to portray Melania as a feminist repulsed by her husband
Being a women's activist takes more than a hand-swat and an eye roll.
Women want nothing to do with these ‘low-crunch,’ lady-friendly Doritos
No one asked for chips to be silent or purse-sized.
Women record execs call for Recording Academy president to step down
'Today we are stepping up and stepping in to demand your resignation.'
Only 4 percent of lifestyle magazine covers feature Black models, study reveals
People of color are embarassingly underrepresented in print media.
Wait, what about the homeless mother in Trump’s State of the Union address?
Trump conveniently failed to mention much about her.
India’s ‘son preference’ leaves 21 million girls ‘unwanted,’ 63 million ‘missing’
The country's preference for sons is hurting its female population.
Pink to Recording Academy president: ‘Women owned music this year’
She took issue with his comments about women needing to 'step up' in the music industry.
Trump doesn’t see himself as a feminist, claims that would be going ‘too far’
'I think people have to go out... and they have to win.'
Republican Senate candidate poo-poos feminism, wants a ‘home-cooked meal’
Courtland Sykes thinks feminist are 'she-devils' with 'nasty, snake-filled heads.'
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