2 women are making history as the first females to enlist in Navy special operations
The women will undergo 'the ultimate test of a man's will.'
12-year-old raped by relative can have abortion without parents’ consent, Alabama court rules
This is a win for rape victims and abortion rights in a state with extremely strict laws.
Congresswomen are pushing for the right to ‘bare arms’ with ‘Sleeveless Friday’ photo
They're standing in solidarity with female reporters who didn't meet the House dress code.
Frances Cannon’s gorgeous, inclusive Instagram will cure your beach body blues
Her illustrations are a gentle 'reminder that you're entitled to take up space.'
London tube riders are ‘ladies and gentlemen’ no more
Public transport is getting a gender-neutral makeover.
Cards Against Humanity now has a ‘Her’ edition—and it is gloriously infuriating
It's $5 more and pink because women 'are worth it.'
Sheila Michaels, feminist credited for popularizing ‘Ms,’ dies at 78
'I was looking for a title for a woman who did not belong to a man.'
Oregon greenlights requirement for all insurers to cover abortion
Under the new reproductive health act, even undocumented immigrants would be covered.
Blac Chyna gives a face to a long-fought battle against revenge porn
America has a deep, unfortunate history of ignoring female victims of shame and abuse.