Gender reveal parties are causing more devastation than trans people in bathrooms
The lengths people will go to care about gender can be quite dangerous.
This woman perfectly explains why lying to male Uber drivers is OK
Other women chimed in to share how they stay safe when using rideshare services.
#HimToo is Conservative Twitter’s dangerous new hashtag
The hashtag's viral star has even condemned it.
Sikh poet Jasmin Kaur calls out white feminists for co-opting her work
Kaur has since reclaimed the meaning of her viral poem.
Viral Twitter thread exposes how men regularly make women feel unsafe
Women are calling her story 'important.'
This viral list of 22 boyfriend rules is full of emotional abuse red flags
Some see a ridiculous list, but it may point to something more sinister.
Susan Collins’ Wikipedia page temporarily described her as a ‘traitor to women’
Edits came amid her announcement regarding Brett Kavanaugh.
Bette Midler apologizes for tweeting ‘women are the n-word of the world’
Midler said she's actually an 'ally' to black women.
Hysterical men illustrate the profound imbalance in gender dynamics
If a woman fell into a full-scale meltdown in front of Congress, if she shrieked and spit the way multiple men did yesterday, we would not be having even a hypothetical conversation about her confirmation.
Woman shares terrifying video of man allegedly following her home
‘As women we always worry about falling victim to situations like these.’
Beware of the dangerous transphobia behind this YouTuber’s ‘theybies’ rant
This screed is much darker than 'liberals have gone too far.'
11 times Mazie Hirono had zero f**ks to give
The Hawaii senator may just be our greatest feminist hero.
#WhyIDidntReport attacks Trump’s comments on sexual assault
For how much longer do we have to shout our traumas?
India moves to ban practice that allows men to divorce women by texting a word 3 times
The Muslim 'triple talaq' policy is about to be outlawed.
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