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Women feeling ’empowered’ after watching ‘Barbie’ movie get heckled by man who yells ‘y’all are ugly as f*ck’

‘he can’t even sit there and face you.’


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A viral video captured the moment a man heckled three young women posing for a picture in front of the Barbie movie poster. 

TikToker Vanna (@vannachauu) shared the harrowing clip of the brief interaction, enacting a flood of support from viewers. The video has garnered a million views and over 236,000 likes as of Friday.

The video begins with the picture they took in front of the Barbie poster. All three women have wide smiles. Then the clip fades to the video, which shows them moments before the picture was taken. 

A text overlay above their heads read: “What’s it like being a woman? Being excited to dress up and watch Barbie with your girlfriends. Walking out of the theater feeling emotional and empowered and wanting to take a cute picture together in front of the Barbie poster.”

@vannachauu “it is literally impossible to be a woman.” #barbie ♬ What Was I Made For? [From The Motion Picture "Barbie"] – Billie Eilish

As the song “What Was I Made For?” from the Barbie movie plays, a voice can be heard shouting, “Y’all ugly as f*ck.” 

Before he drives away one of the friends calls back, “You too.” His tires screech as he drives away. 

Vanna goes on to explain that the interaction illustrates what it’s like to be a woman, receiving negative comments from men sometimes, often unprovoked. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Vanna via TikTok comment. 

Barbie has lit up the box office with a $162 million debut, the highest-ever opening for a film from a woman director. The film has largely received positive reviews, with some critical of the effectiveness of its feminist messaging. However, large swaths of women seem to have resonated with the movie

Viewers applauded Vanna and her friends’ for their ability to shrug off the rude comment. 

“The ‘you too’ and then immediately going back to smiling as you should queen,” one user said. 

“Do not let ANYONE take these fun moments from you. Y’all are stunning!” agreed a second. 

“And the fact that you hear him speed off after, he can’t even sit there and face you after saying it,” another user said. 

“Miserable people hate seeing joy in others. Y’all are stunning and ROCKED the pink,” agreed a fourth.

Other users identified with their plight, discussing how often women are subjected to random abuse. 

“The encapsulation of being a woman, we can never exist in peace. You all look absolutely adorable,” a user said. 

“I love your guys fits and all three of your smiles are the cutest. I am so sorry this happened, never let a man allow ur smile to falter,” a second added. 

Finally, another user shared a similar experience: “We had the same thing happen to us walking to our car after the movie. Literally just crossing the street.”

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