best messenger apps 2018

The best messaging apps of 2018

There are better ways to stay connected.

On Dec 5, 2018 by Amy-Mae Turner

Walkie talkie app free

The walkie talkie apps that will keep you connected in times of crisis

Thanks to the power of smartphones, everyone can have a walkie talkie.

On Oct 30, 2017 by John-Michael Bond

microsoft windows phone lumia 1020

Windows Phone is dead, for good this time

The software giant is no longer releasing new features.

On Oct 9, 2017 by Phillip Tracy

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11 reasons your smartphone sucks

There’s no denying it.

On May 9, 2016 by Mike Wehner

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Apple expands its iPhone trade-in program, now accepts Android and Windows phones too

Trading up.

On Feb 18, 2016 by AJ Dellinger

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Microsoft just made Cortana way less useful for Android users

We hardly knew ye.

On Dec 22, 2015 by AJ Dellinger

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Microsoft’s Nokia fail doesn’t mean it’s done with mobile

The Windows family is in the throes of some major changes.

On Jul 9, 2015 by Imad Khan

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Microsoft is working on its own version of Find My Friends

Creepy or useful?

On Feb 23, 2015 by Alex La Ferla

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Snapchat at odds with Windows Phone—and a fuming user base

Snapchat’s crackdown on third-party apps is crippling Windows Phone faithful.

On Dec 26, 2014 by Imad Khan

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Microsoft’s new universal keyboard supports everything but Windows Phone

That’s just embarrassing. 

On Nov 3, 2014 by Imad Khan

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Secret client app 6cret could be pulled from Windows Store for copyright violation

As of now, you can still download it. 

On Nov 2, 2014 by Imad Khan

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Google might poach Windows Phone’s biggest app developer

Once again, Microsoft is off its game.

On Oct 23, 2014 by Imad Khan

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Microsoft kills of the Nokia brand, say hello to the Microsoft Lumia

Can Microsoft make a good smartphone?

On Oct 22, 2014 by Micah Singleton

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The selfie generation will get its very own phone, courtesy of Microsoft

It’s the first phone to carry a front-facing camera with capabilities that extend into 5-megapixels

On Jul 29, 2014 by Chase Hoffberger

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‘The Mindy Project’ has a representation problem—but not the one you think

I’m sorry, but there is never more than one Windows phone in the room. Ever. 

On May 8, 2014 by Molly McHugh

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