Frontier Airlines passenger speaking with caption 'Trenton, NJ frontier flight to Atlanta, GA pt.3' (l) Frontier Airlines planes (c) Frontier Airlines passenger speaking with caption 'Trenton, NJ frontier flight to Atlanta, GA pt.3' (r)

‘If you want her removed from the flight, please raise your hand’: Woman gets voted off Frontier Airlines flight by other passengers

‘The skies are the new season of Survivor.’

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watch survivor winners at war

How to watch ‘Survivors: Winners at War’

Champions vs. champions.

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'Survivor' winner Todd Herzog takes a breathalyzer test on 'Dr. Phil.' He says the show enabled his alcoholism for his 2013 appearance.

‘Survivor’ winner says ‘Dr. Phil’ enabled his alcoholism, supplied him liquor, Xanax

He isn’t the only guest to describe his mistreatment by the show.

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Last night’s ‘Survivor’ episode exemplifies transgender panic in a nutshell

Being transgender is not a deception.

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Why it’s never OK to blame women’s clothing for rape

Rape culture is so terrible that even survivors believe the hype.

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Elizabeth Hasselbeck

Fox News isn’t real news

And Elizabeth Hasselbeck isn’t a journalist. So why do we keep paying attention?

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Driver somehow survives being smashed twice in horrifying accident

Luck is a fickle thing indeed.

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The future of Mars exploration is you

Democratizing the space race is crucial to the future of our planet.

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How Twitter voted #survivorprivilege off the island

George Will, the tribe has spoken.

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How Pamela Anderson inspired me to come out as a sexual assault survivor

Anyone who dares to silence us? I’m gonna to need for them to bow down. 

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Batkid rises to throw the San Francisco Giants’ first pitch

Evil doesn’t stand a chance against his fastball.

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I made a short film about my rape and now I can’t get laid

“Meet My Rapist” went viral on the Internet last year. My love life only got worse.

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These cancer patients got a makeover—with a hilarious twist

French cancer charity the Mimi Foundation invited 20 cancer patients for a makeover. They had no idea what they were in for.  

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Redditor who hid from Okla. tornado in a bank vault shares AMA

She survived the devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma. And now she’s telling Reddit her story.

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Red Cross text-messaging drive dwarfs online fundraisers for Oklahoma

  In the wake of the disastrous tornado that killed at least 24 in Oklahoma, the Internet scrambled to help. But it wasn’t really sure what to do.

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