Bianca Bustamante

For women in motorsport, making TikToks is as important as racing cars

Bianca Bustamante has over 1 million followers—but not all women drivers are enthusiastic about social media.

On Nov 17, 2023 by Sasha Rogelberg

let him cook meme: Woody and Buzz in Toy Story

What is the ‘let him cook’ meme?

'Let him cook' has taken a journey from a Bay Area rapper's dance move to a 'cursed' sports star to Woody from Toy Story.

On Nov 15, 2023 by Phil West

Woman talking(l+r), NFL logo(c)

‘I’m just saying’: NFL fan thinks the new Super Bowl logo is a hint at who’s going to be playing in it this year

'All right, call me a conspiracy theorist but hear me out.'

On Nov 8, 2023 by Phil West

Raiders star accused of almost using the N-word in official NFL video.

‘Y’all what now?’: Raiders star accused of almost using the N-word in official NFL video. Did he?

"He's allowed to say it'

On Nov 4, 2023 by Jack Alban

astros game(l), Ted Cruz(r)

‘STAY AWAY’: Astros fans blame Ted Cruz for Championship Series loss

'Astros are now 0-5 in home playoff games attended by ted cruz.'

On Oct 24, 2023 by Sasha Rogelberg

Taylor Swift (l) Brittany Mahomes (r)

Social media roasts Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes’ new secret handshake after she attends another Travis Kelce game

'Now this is a publicity stunt.'

On Oct 23, 2023 by Stacy Fernandez

Hand holding phone open to the Amazon Prime Video app(l), Woman looking frustrated, Hand holding phone open to the Paramount Plus Video app(l)

‘Why do I have to have 17 different streaming services?’: Football fan calls out Paramount+, Sling, NFL+, Amazon Prime for making it ‘unbelievably difficult’ to watch a game

'This was supposed to be easy!'

On Oct 18, 2023 by Braden Bjella

Woman excited about seeing Venus Williams at music festival(r+l), Venus Williams smiling (c)

‘Such an appropriate reaction’: Woman’s reaction to seeing Venus Williams at Austin City Limits festival goes viral 

'That is the minimum respect demanded in the presence of such a legend.'

On Oct 10, 2023 by V Roth

Maarten Paes

‘Just part of your resume’: Professional athletes now must work on their social media game as well as their game

Today’s professional players have to think about how they show up online—and how they represent their identities.

On Sep 28, 2023 by Jon Arnold

Popeyes meme kid aka Dieunerst Collin (l) Dieunerst Collin 2023

Where is the Popeyes meme kid now? And did he really get an NIL deal with Popeyes?

'I didn't know the internet was like that, bro. Now I know to never doubt the internet, ever.'

On Sep 26, 2023 by Phil West

DraftKings goes viral for 9/11-themed parlay

DraftKings under fire for pushing ‘Never Forget’ 9/11-themed parlay with Jets, Mets, and Yankees: ‘We respect the significance of this day’

More than 800 people placed the 'Never Forget' parlay bet, according to screenshots.

On Sep 11, 2023 by Katherine Huggins

pat mcafee youtube espn

Pat McAfee brings his YouTube show to ESPN

Why produce your own show when you can buy one from YouTube?

On Sep 7, 2023 by Lon Harris

John Summit Alix Earle fail

‘She humbled him real quick’: Alix Earle turns away from John Summit’s rizz at Messi game. It’s a look women know too well

'The way he follows her lead & starts looking around too is sending me.'

On Sep 1, 2023 by Jack Alban

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf

‘Leaning into the uncomfortable moments’: How Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf paved the path for Colin Kaepernick and other Black athletes moved to protest

Twenty years before Colin Kaepernick made a pre-game national anthem an occasion for protest, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf did the same.

On Jul 18, 2023 by Adama Munu

MLS x Juneteenth Photoshoot

Textile arts meet Futurism: On making unique Juneteenth soccer jerseys and creating an online auction for uplifting Black communities

Saying he was 'always intrigued about the power of soccer,' an artist with a Futurist vision collaborated with Major League Soccer for a unique Juneteenth project.

On Jun 19, 2023 by Jacob Schneider