multiple aisles of hygiene products like soap, deodorant, and toothpaste are seen locked behind glass doors in target

‘This is not security, it’s merely just evil’: Customer calls out Target for locking up hygiene products

'Not only is it wrong but now your shopping trip is 2 hours long waiting for the one person with the key.'

On Oct 21, 2022 by Natasha Dubash

man in car holding chips and fruit snacks caption 'security still free money yall go get a bag' (l) Man speaking in car caption 'security still free money yall go get a bag'(c) man playing Nintendo Switch in car caption 'security still free money yall go get a bag'(r)

‘Free money’: Worker issues PSA about security jobs after being tasked with guarding a construction lot

'Who is robbing a construction lot? Nobody.'

On Oct 6, 2022 by Charlotte Colombo

McDonald's manager scams applicant

‘u rlly got ur identity stolen over a job at McDonald’s’: Hiring McManager asks for social security number over text

'She just left me on read, and now I’m kinda f*cking freaking out.'

On Sep 26, 2022 by Lauren Castro

man shows secret jcpenny loss prevention room tiktok

‘Y’all want to see something cool not many people know about?’: Former JCPenney employee reveals secret surveillance room

'There's binoculars still in there from the early '80s.'

On Sep 26, 2022 by Melody Heald

Homepage article image

‘Who puts a lock to keep people from getting out?’: New employee gets trapped in office bathroom that requires a key card to exit

'I will never be going in that bathroom again.'

On Sep 25, 2022 by Jack Alban

two men outside of mall pinning other man's arms (l) mall security officer stepping out of car opening door (c) 4 men outside of mall including mall security officer three of which are holding the other man by arms (r)

‘We don’t have to show him a badge’: Woman catches Macy’s loss prevention workers allegedly beating an accused shoplifter outside mall

'Make yourself announced with who you are before just beating on someone.'

On Sep 4, 2022 by Braden Bjella

woman speaking with hands up caption 'delete your Etsy account now.' (l) Etsy 'E' logo white on orange background (c) woman speaking with hands up caption 'delete your Etsy account now.' (r)

‘If you’re seeing this, please delete your Etsy account’: Etsy seller criticizes site’s security

'Etsy continues to give my account back to a known hacker, putting me at risk, my identity, my customers.'

On Aug 26, 2022 by Braden Bjella

phone with TikTok app on screen on American flag

Congressional Republicans demand TikTok turn over documents about user data being accessed in China

Two committees sent a notice to TikTok today.

On Jul 14, 2022 by Jacob Seitz

former Walmart employee speaking (l) Walmart aisle with security cameras very close together above (c) former Walmart employee hand up whispering (r)

‘So they can see me looking for an employee for help yet they don’t send one’: Walmart’s extensive surveillance cameras spark debate

'Walmart cameras do zoom up in ur business.'

On Jul 2, 2022 by Braden Bjella

man speaking (l) hand touching security system wall panel (r)

‘My ADHD just saved me $100’: TikToker shares how procrastinating got him free upgrade, sparking debate

'If it’s an upgrade that you HAVE to do to use their service. Always wait til it’s free.'

On Jun 22, 2022 by Braden Bjella

man upset talking caption 'He really wanted to use those hands?' (l) man behind counter pointing hand caption 'He really wanted to use those hands' (c) man upset talking caption 'He really wanted to use those hands?' (r)

‘That’s not on purpose. … Just Google Tourette Syndrome’: Man with Tourettes confronts security guard for allegedly not understanding disorder, ‘accosting’ him

'You came in while I was urinating, and you accosted me.'

On May 17, 2022 by Maria Poggi

walmart workers removing items from cart (l) walmart logo (c) walmart workers looking at receipt (r) with caption 'never been so embarrassed. I use walmart all the time for my food and cakes. Forced me back through walmart to check my reciet. put my food on the floor'

‘Never been so embarrassed’: Woman accused of stealing from Walmart in viral TikTok

'Refund all of it.'

On Apr 15, 2022 by Kathleen Wong

Homepage article image

Hospital security guard reportedly fired after shutting down ‘Karen’ by ‘matching her energy’ in viral video

Supporters of the security guard are now review-bombing the hospital.

On Oct 16, 2021 by Brooke Sjoberg

TikToker Neighbor Security Camera

‘Call the police’: Neighbor points security camera into TikToker’s home

Commenters gave suggestions on how to block the camera's view.

On Aug 30, 2021 by Kathryn Cardin

Cop allegedly covers security camera

‘Can they seriously do this?’: Video shows cop covering up security camera before knocking on TikToker’s front door

'There was no reason for him to put tape on my camera.'

On Jun 29, 2021 by Cecilia Lenzen