Rebecca Black in bathtub with blue to mint gradient Passionfruit Remix

Rebecca Black’s debut studio album Let Her Burn is inspired by her online life

The 25-year-old internet legend said her latest album is inspired by the challenges of being an online persona and shared advice for up-and-coming creators.

On Feb 8, 2023 by Grace Stanley

Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black comes out as queer

'I think, to me, the word queer feels really nice.'

On Apr 9, 2020 by Nahila Bonfiglio

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‘Shush Up’: Behind Patrice Wilson’s pretty hate-click machine

Is Patrice Wilson critiquing this very American obsession with empty culture and shock tactics, or is he just profiting from it? 

On Feb 14, 2014 by Audra Schroeder

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Rebecca Black’s new single, ‘Saturday,’ kinda rules

"I'm trying to get Friday out of my head," Rebecca Black sings.

On Dec 7, 2013 by Cooper Fleishman

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From the people who ruined Fridays and Thanksgiving, here’s ‘Chinese Food’

We'll give Patrice Wilson this: He sticks to what he knows.

On Oct 14, 2013 by Michelle Jaworski

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In defense of Lisa Gail

This cougar from North Texas is more than just campy productions and warbling notes.

On Jul 8, 2013 by Adam Schragin

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Nicole Westbrook does “Thanksgiving” on “Access Hollywood Live”

The new Rebecca Black begins her Thanksgiving charm offensive.

On Nov 16, 2012 by Jordan Valinsky

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Rebecca Black’s most controversial video since “Friday”

In a video posted to YouTube Monday, Black threw her support behind controversial Mexican presidential candidate Enrique Peña Nieto.

On Jun 1, 2012 by Jordan Valinsky

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Meet the Russian Rebecca Black

She's 13. She sings. She enchants her fans as much as her haters. Looks like Rebecca Black may have a Russian competitor.

On Apr 19, 2012 by Fruzsina Eördögh

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Life is hard when you’re a hot girl

People just don't see the humor.

On Apr 19, 2012 by Fruzsina Eördögh

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Sonic Youth indulges 13-year-old hater

Is Sonic Youth worse than Rebecca Black? It depends on who you ask on Facebook. 

On Apr 9, 2012 by Kevin Collier

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It’s been “Friday” for a whole year now

A year later, it's Friday again, it's still Rebecca Black's moment, and she remains a person of interest.

On Feb 10, 2012 by Owen Thomas

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The Internet’s cult of complaint

Got a problem? Join the rest of the Internet. From the iPhone to Rebecca Black, a fetish for fussing is what unites us.

On Oct 5, 2011 by Owen Thomas

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Rebecca Black bullied out of school

Rebecca Black's digital fame creates real life consequences. Bullying over her hit single leads her to leave school.

On Aug 10, 2011 by Lauren Rae Orsini

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YouTube is the real star of Teen Choice Awards

No matter who wins the Teen Choice Awards, YouTube's going to get the crown.

On Jul 22, 2011 by Fruzsina Eördögh