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“I’m trying to get Friday out of my head,” Rebecca Black sings.

“I’m trying to get Friday out of my head,” Rebecca Black sings in her new single, called—of course—”Saturday.” It’s actually kind of good! It’s catchier than the original in a nonironic way, even though it’s the exact same, structurally and visually. But you could listen to it, maybe, twice on Spotify without disconnecting it from your Facebook account in shame. 

Some wild stuff happens in this video, too! How old is Rebecca Black now, 16? Her friends still love riding in convertibles, but now they’re getting into smoke bombs, red solo cups, spanking dudes, silly string, underwear parties, and other things that almost seem fun. The video is a blatant homage to Miley Cyrus and “We Can’t Stop”—there’s even a girl dressed like Miley at the VMAs doing some twerking, or something like it.


My favorite part, though, is when Rebecca strolls into the party with her sunglasses on—


And then the dudes are like, Whaaaaat!


RB totally owns it. The whole thing is super-self-aware, but confidently so. She knows what she’s done to the tween-pop industry, and she might’ve been lucky enough to get out of the shit circus alive, leaving behind producer Patrice Wilson and the awful, quasi-exploitative, culturally tone-deaf ARK Music Factory. Rebecca Black’s life seems kinda awesome, and we should root for her to be more than a one-hit wonder.

That scene at the end where a black guy gets arrested (is he supposed to be Patrice Wilson? I really don’t get it) is weird, though.

So what’s next?


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