Postmates customer slams app for merely giving him a refund when drivers forget sauces

‘I’m not gonna eat a dry chicken finger’: Postmates customer slams app for not giving him a full refund when drivers forget dipping sauces


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Postmates customer speaking in front of white wall (l) Postmates sign on window 'We deliver with Postmates' (c) Postmates customer speaking in front of white wall (r)

‘Gen X or older, you have to be on the phone with them the whole way’: Customer compares Gen Z Postmates drivers to older drivers

‘Gen Z will get my food to me faster on their bike than gen x in a six-cylinder with Maps open.’

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person greenscreen TikTok over Chipotle checkout in app with total at $13.94 (l) Chipotle sign in front of blue sky (c) person greenscreen TikTok over Postmates checkout in app with total at $19.04 (r)

‘That’s a whole $6 more’: Woman issues PSA to Chipotle customers who order through Postmates, DoorDash

‘This goes for any place that has an app tbh.’

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“We thought we were taking a video of a countdown to opening on Postmates but the numbers were going the wrong way.'

‘This is physically painful to watch’: Viral TikTok shows restaurant’s Postmates orders piling up before opening

‘Restaurant workers know this struggle.’

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White woman gets close to Black man, harasses him during his Postmates delivery

Video shows ‘Postmates Karen’ blocking Black man from making food delivery

‘Don’t deliver anything here. We don’t want your delivery here.’

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TikTok Starbucks spit

TikToker claims she found spit in her Starbucks drinks

The video shows her moving around the unknown substance, which is seen in both drinks, with a straw.

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Lizzo sued by Postmates runner she accused of stealing her food

The woman says she received ‘direct threats of violence’ after Lizzo posted her name and photo on Twitter.

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lizzo postmates

Lizzo called a ‘snitch’ for accusing Postmates runner of stealing food

Postmates said the runner left after waiting the allotted time.

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Postmates new app screen grabs on iPhone X

Postmates tries to undercut Amazon, Instacart with grocery delivery service

In search of cheap grocery deliveries? Try Postmates’ new service.

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17 last-minute ways for procrastinators to win Valentine’s Day

Hopeless procrastinators need love too.

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Chipotle is about to deliver burritos directly to your face

You can now have carnitas delivered into your mouth hole for the low price of $20.

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Postmates is about to start testing a Starbucks delivery service

Caffeine addiction delivered daily. What more could you want?

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The only thing worse than driving delivery in a blizzard is how little you get paid for it

Your GrubHub driver’s got 99 problems, and all of them are the service economy.

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Postmates releases API so other apps and sites can use it

The API release means that any business can implement Postmates into its app or site.

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