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Lizzo called a ‘snitch’ for accusing Postmates runner of stealing food

Postmates said the runner left after waiting the allotted time.


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People on Twitter accused Lizzo of being a “snitch” after the artist exposed a Postmates delivery woman’s identity—including her name and photo—and accused her of stealing food.

The tweet, posted on Monday evening has since been taken down, but screenshots show Lizzo’s complaint tagging Postmates.

“Hey @Postmates this girl Tiffany W. stole my food she lucky I don’t fight no more,” Lizzo wrote.

In another tweet responding to a fan calling her out for exposing the woman’s name, Lizzo wrote, “…the front desk told me she walked in, clocked it as delivered, then walked out with food in hand.”

“She clearly knew what she was doing and I just don’t want someone else to get they shit stole too…” she said in the now-deleted tweet.

Two screenshots show Lizzo's complaints on Twitter, with one of them exposing the identity of the woman


Postmates confirmed the incident with the Daily Dot and said the delivery woman waited at Lizzo’s residence for the allotted five minutes and had to leave after she wasn’t able to reach the customer, as per the rules.

A lot of people felt that it was justified Lizzo was upset but argued she didn’t need to expose the identity of the delivery person.

“i think you should acknowledge that showing the postmate womans face was a bad move though,” one user tweeted.

Some people equated her white women, like BBQ Becky, who have infamously called police on people of color for arbitrary reasons.

Some commented on the power dynamic differences between a rich, famous person and a delivery driver caught in the gig economy.

“Lizzo you’re a multi-millionaire, what are you doing?” one person tweeted. “You know how much postmate contractors make? Whatever you’re thinking it’s even less than that.”

A Postmates spokesperson told the Daily Dot over email that the company had spoken to Lizzo to resolve the issue.

“We apologize to Lizzo for any inconvenience,” the spokesperson said.

Door Dash, another food delivery service, tried to cash in on the incident. “Truth hurts, need something more exciting? DM us,” the brand tweeted.

And of course there were memes:

While some of the memes were pure humor, others were outright fatphobic. On Tuesday, Lizzo wrote she would be taking a break from Twitter, though she didn’t explicitly say why. “Twitta not my friend today imma have to log tf off,” she wrote.


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