Tom Hanks hands out yelling into group at man who pushed wife

‘Back the f*ck off’: Tom Hanks yells at fans after one nearly knocks over Rita Wilson

‘It’s like being scolded by America’s dad.’

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Hilary Duff records confrontation with ‘creep’ taking photos of kids

He kept insisting she was the one making it creepy.

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Billie Eilish says eBayers called her a ‘little b*tch’ when she refused them autographs

They also booed her and compared her to Lorde.

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Sia singing at SXSW

Sia posts nude photo for free to thwart paparazzi

Warning: you see a butt.

On by Christine Friar

natalie morales red carpet

The problem with calling Natalie Morales’ upskirt photo a ‘wardrobe malfunction’

A nonconsensual photograph is not an ‘error.’

On by Danielle Ransom

keanu reeves stolen video camera generation um

No, Keanu Reeves did not steal a paparazzo’s camera

Keanu stole a camera, but it’s not what you think.

On by Jay Hathaway

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Chrissy Teigen says paparazzi compared John Legend to a monkey

She didn’t give them the reaction they wanted, though.

On by Jaya Saxena

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Justin Bieber tells James Corden his biggest fear about those paparazzi photos

Plus: Bieber takes host James Corden shopping.

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The 11 best (and worst) edited Justin Bieber nudes

The Biebs in all his glory.

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Taylor Swift trolled paparazzi by posting bikini pics on Instagram

You will not ruin Taylor Swift’s vacation and get away with it.

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Fed up with trolls, Iggy Azalea bails on Twitter

Azalea has some choice words for her haters.

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Why female celebrities compare media coverage to being raped

This is anything but a first world problem. It’s an everywhere problem.  

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Lorde’s paparazzi battle shows it’s OK to harass women—as long as they’re famous

Lorde’s paparazzi battle is about more than a photograph. It’s about the right of all women to feel safe.

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Daily Fluff: Puppy’s beach vacation interrupted by paparazzi

Olive was accosted Thursday by a TMZ photographer, but she has since relocated to another hotel.

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Alec Baldwin leaves Twitter again

The 54-year-old actor left the microblog after allegedly sending a tweet comparing himself to George Zimmerman, the man accused of killing teenager Trayvon Martin.

On by Fernando Alfonso III

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