The ‘Beyoncé has updated the Break My Soul (The Queens Remix) by removing…’ meme, explained

All your favorites are vying for a spot on the Queens Remix of 'Break My Soul'.

On Aug 7, 2023 by Sayou Cooper

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Did Madonna just come out as gay on TikTok?

Madonna's latest TikTok led longtime fans to argue that she's been openly bisexual for decades.

On Oct 10, 2022 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Madonna seen in motion kissing the camera 1-3, Madonna arms crossed far away (l) Madonna kissy face near camera (c) Madonna right up to camera with lips (r)

‘This honestly scared me’: Madonna’s TikTok slow-zooms into a parody trend

'It's giving madonatella Versace.'

On Apr 5, 2022 by Audra Schroeder

Madonna next to an Instagram post

‘Of course your name is Karen’: Madonna shuts down a literal ‘Karen’ for criticizing her Instagram on Daunte Wright

'Come see me and tell me to my face.'

On Apr 13, 2021 by Mikael Thalen

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Madonna sparks meme mockery over son’s dancing ‘tribute’ to George Floyd

Her son danced to Michael Jackson's controversial song 'They Don't Care About Us.'

On May 29, 2020 by Samantha Shaps

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People think Madonna predicted coronavirus with 2019 performance

Conspiracy theorists are revisiting her Eurovision performance of 'Future.'

On Mar 22, 2020 by Rachel Kiley


Madonna faces backlash for posting photos of her Black daughters with watermelon

She posted three photos of her Black twins next to watermelon slices.

On Jul 16, 2019 by Samira Sadeque

Madonna eurovision

Fans call out Madonna for edited Eurovision video


On May 21, 2019 by Dominic-Madori Davis


Madonna releases pride anthem sampling speech from teen activist Emma González

Madonna said she wrote 'I Rise' to give a voice to marginalized people.

On May 3, 2019 by Eilish O'Sullivan

post malone

Post Malone’s Crocs sold out in a few hours—and people are freaking out

People who weren't able to get a pair are devastated.

On Nov 2, 2018 by Gabrielle Sorto

Britney Spears

How the Madonna-Britney-Christina kiss became a benchmark for lesbian visibility

The VMA performance holds a special place in queer millennials' hearts.

On Oct 9, 2018

madonna vmas

White women can honor Black women without making it about themselves

The accomplishments and legacies of Black women do not come without strenuous work.

On Aug 22, 2018 by Tiffanie Drayton

madonna vmas

Madonna’s self-involved Aretha Franklin tribute outrages Twitter

It's not the first tribute she's botched.

On Aug 21, 2018 by Michelle Jaworski

migos visits madonnas house for a photo shoot

Madonna wants to know why Migos is at her house

Quavo had a very on-brand response.

On Jun 28, 2018 by Audra Schroeder

Kim Kardashian Aaliyah costume Halloween

Kim Kardashian West dressed like Aaliyah for Halloween—to mixed reviews

Is this cultural appropriation or just a fun Halloween costume?

On Oct 30, 2017 by Josh Katzowitz